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LS:N Global is a subscription-based trends, consumer foresight, and futures innovation platform with original research, analysis, market intelligence & insights on consumer trends

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LS:N Global

Get to know your future consumers and understand how to use global trends, foresight and market innovations to your advantage.

LS:N Globalis a subscription-based trends, consumer foresight, and futures innovation intelligence service by The Future Laboratory. We provide original research, trends, analysis, market intelligence and qualitative insights to help industry professionals make informed decisions about the future.  

Our resources have been shown to help businesses engage with their future consumers, develop and future-proof brands, and prioritise opportunities for innovation. 

Members of the service get exclusive access to the consumer trends defining tomorrows cultural landscape and the early adopters, innovators and start-ups driving global change across 21+ industry sectors. 

Explore verticals such as News, Macrotrends, Microtrends, Markets, Behaviours, Design Directions, Communities, Trend Reports, Webinars and much more. 

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Our global membership is made up of owners and employees from over 350 leading brands who use our foresight on a daily basis to future-proof their business. 

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Why Become a Member?

Get access to 20+ years of trends

Our team of strategic foresight experts are your eyes and ears in over 50 countries.We assemble unique teams of journalists, writers, visual researchers and innovation analysts to document the new and the next across global industry sectors so you dont have to. 

Think of us as an extended member of your team, helping you to reduce the time spent searching for inspiration, preparing for pitches or researching for trends. 


New Benefits & Features

LS:N Global members get access to our full archive of trends, consumer foresight, and futures innovation intelligence, which includes over 18,000 downloadable articles, webinars, worksheets, ethnographic research studies and much more. 


In-depth Trend Reports

Our downloadable PDF trend reports are exclusive to members three months before they launch publicly


Using qualitative consumer research and strategic thinking, our Communities reports build deeper, meaningful profiles of the future consumers

Global Drivers

A report and webinar collection that outlines a set of influential and pervasive global drivers that will shape the next decade

Downloadable Articles

All articles published on LS:N Global can be downloaded as PDF files to save and share with your team

Online Events

Members get free access to all online events hosted by The Future Laboratory throughout the year

Executive Summaries

In a hurry? Our short downloadable PDF macrotrend summaries feature all the key case studies, expert quotes and strategic implications

Statistics Search Engine

Searchable statistics across consumer groups, industries and categories to help inform and validate key decisions or recommendations

Strategic Worksheets

Downloadable strategic worksheets designed to help teams understand and harness the implications and opportunities of each macrotrend


Use our customisable pinboards as a central place to save, share and curate the research that has inspired you

On-demand Webinars

Stream a wide selection of expansive webinars hosted by our strategic foresight experts and analysts

Account Managers

Each of our clients gets access to a dedicated account manager who is on hand to answer questions and help you get the most out of your membership

Our Key Sectors

Industry professionals use our premium content platform to help them stay ahead of the curve.

We help our members harness market trends, adapt to emerging consumer needs and position their brands for future success. We cover 21+ industry sectors worldwide, but you can discover our key sectors by clicking on them below.




‘I’m forever on LS:N Global, pulling off snippets and having discussions in different areas of the business about what this could mean for us and how the insights could inspire us’

Marks & Spencer

Leo Burnett

‘The site is not only filled with stunning imagery and valuable editorial, it’s also simple to navigate and constantly inspiring. When I needed some support for a specific project, the response was fantastic. The team gave me an array of examples to reinforce my point, delivered quickly and efficiently.’

Leo Burnett


‘For me, The Future Laboratory is the authority on prediction in terms of retail, consumerism and changing social patterns. LS:N Global is an extremely useful tool that aids our team in their research, and informs our varied and busy marketing calendar.’


Sample Content

Our research is published in a range of different formats, from short daily digests to long-form research reports. Weve unlocked three sample articles for you to read below on LS:N Global. 

Macrotrend: Uncoupled Living
Big Idea: Inter-Covid Roadmap 2021
Community: Digital Architects


What is LS:N Global membership?

An LS:N Global membership allows access to our subscription-based trends, consumer foresight and futures innovation intelligence service.

What are the benefits of subscribing to your platform?

An LS:N Global membership allows you to access 20+ years of trend research, and helps you prepare for pitches, research trends and develop new product ideas. Our global team of experts research and document the new and next across industry sectors so you don’t have to.

What's included in the platform / subscription?

LS:N Global members get access to our full archive of trends, consumer foresight and futures innovation intelligence, which includes over 18,000 downloadable articles, webinars, sector reports, global expert analysis, worksheets, ethnographic research studies and much more. 

A subscription includes access to:

  • Trend reports
  • Communities
  • Executive summaries
  • Statistics search engine
  • Strategic worksheets
  • On-demand webinars
  • Account managers
  • Pinboards

What are some examples of insights I can find?

Our research is published in a range of formats, which are all published on the LS:N Global platform.

You can see some examples of the insights below:

If I do not become a member will I still be able to access LS:N Global?

If you choose not to become an LS:N Global member, you will have limited access to a maximum of just 3 News articles per month.

Sign up to LS:N Global to get unlimited access to all articles.

Is there an LS:N Global membership for students?

Our Thinker plan is designed with students and freelancers in mind. This allows you to get the research you need from your chosen sector at an accessible price point, making it easier than ever to stay ahead of the competition.

Sign up to LS:N Global here

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