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Our forward-looking trends presentations and trend workshops are designed to equip you and your team with the insights and strategic thinking required to answer the most compelling issues of tomorrow

Instigate debate, challenge thinking and generate opportunities by booking The Future Laboratory’s world-class presenters to deliver an incisive trend presentation or trend workshop to uncover new areas for growth.

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Presentations Available

Browse our selection of trend presentations below and choose which inspirational insights you want delivered directly to your company, either in-house or virtually.

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Hyperphysical Stores

Our new Hyperphysical Stores macrotrend presentation explores how e-commerce is accelerating to offer multi-layered and sometimes confusing experiences for customers and brands, while bricks-and-mortar shops are becoming bastions of extraordinary, sensorial moments. This presentation helps businesses tap into the Future Laboratory’s framework, The Four Es of Retail.

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As our new macrotrend presentation reveals, brands will need to change from sellers to coordinators, blurring the boundaries between how we define a company, a community and a collective. Our Neo-collectivism presentation helps businesses tap into these community spaces, understand their massive potential and explore why we need to prepare for a neo-collectivist future.

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Betterverse Building

Is the metaverse a vain ideal or a new way that we’ll engage with cultural and commercial models as next-generation metizens come of age? Our new Betterverse Building presentation helps businesses to tap into this digital space where people can gather and interact with millions of virtual experiences at once. The metaverse will fundamentally transform the way we work, rest, play and engage with one another.

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Youth & Media Futures:
The Zalpha Reckoning

A hybrid generation of Zalphas are entering brands’ consciousness. Wise beyond their years, these products of climate change are using their childhood – once a time of innocence – as a time for productivity. Choose from the Youth & Media Trends Rising or macrotrend presentation, sold separately or together as a collection featuring our annual sector research.

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Food & Drink Futures:
Redemptive Diets

At a time of global upheaval, brands and consumers are uniting to build future-fit, resilient food systems that support changing social values, protect precious resources and secure supply chains. Choose from the Food & Drink Trends Rising or macrotrend presentation, sold separately or together as a collection featuring our annual sector research.

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Luxury & Hospitality Futures:
Five States of Luxury

The luxury and hospitality sector is demonstrating impressive elasticity not only in weathering the global pandemic but also in its response to wider social and cultural happenings. Choose from the Luxury & Hospitality Trends Rising or the Five States of Luxury presentation, sold separately or together as a collection featuring our annual sector research.

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Synchronised Care:
On-demand Presentation Collection

Self-care as we know it is changing. Between calls to reject the wellness industrial complex and close the gap between widening health inequalities, a shift is under way. Choose from the Beauty, Health & Wellness Trends Rising presentation or the Synchronised Care macrotrend presentation, sold separately or together as a collection featuring our full annual sector research.

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Eco-venience Retail:
On-demand Presentation Collection

While 2020 showcased retail Darwinism at its most impactful, retail brands have also evolved at speed. In 2021 and beyond, end-to-end retail processes must be cost-effective, relevant, sustainable and beneficial not only for consumers but for retail brands too. Choose from the Retail Trends Rising presentation or the Eco-venience Retail macrotrend presentation, sold separately or together as a collection featuring our full annual sector research.

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The Great Acceleration:
Macrotrend Collection

The Covid-19 pandemic hasn’t just changed the world, it has accelerated the ways in which we engage with it and the technologies we use to do so. The Great Acceleration macrotrend presentations are designed for you and your team to engage with three new global macrotrends - Alternet Economies, Equilibrium Cities and Elastic Brands - set to radicalise 2021 and beyond.

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Retail Futures:
Feedback Frontiers

As communications with consumers become more circular and conversational, brands are treating every micro-interaction as a valuable opportunity to lean in, learn and improve their model. This presentation will help your brand to create conversations with future consumers, forging ahead across the multiple interactions and touchpoints that are emerging as the next frontiers of retail.

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Youth & Media Futures:
Reformation Generation

Marking a new era of collaboration between brands and Generation Z, opportunities are arising to re-assemble, decentralise and decolonise our outdated societal systems. In this presentation, we explore how the institutions that have traditionally held society together – education, business, government and the mass media – no longer hold the power of governance they once did, leaving Generation Z to step in.

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Luxury & Hospitality Futures:
Omnilux Lifestyles

The luxury experience of the future will no longer rely on tactile human-to-human moments, but anytime attainment, anywhere in the world. In this digitally bolstered second existence, luxury is an omnipresent service. This presentation will help your brand to adapt to and follow customers in their daily routines. It will inspire you to dedicate new services, communications and modes of access to a new tier of luxury consumers.

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Food & Drink Futures:
Total Tastes

The food-as-medicine movement is being rebranded to fit modern lifestyles, balancing flavour and function to shape our physical and psychological states. This presentation will help your brand move away from messaging and imagery that suggest that healthy habits mean you must restrict or subtract in order to feel good. It will inspire you to adopt a more holistic approach to food and drink, and become increasingly connected.

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The Transformative Twenties:
Enlightened States

As consumers tire of photogenic pop-ups, immersive events and mass tourism as a form of social currency, Enlightened States explores how the experience economy is set to become more introspective and personal in the next decade, with consumers seeking new ways to explore their ever-changing selves. This presentation will help your brand to reconsider its role in the life of consumers by moving beyond transactional relationships.

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The Transformative Twenties:
Post-purpose Brands

As consumers question their consumption habits in light of the climate crisis, with many aiming to buy less, the brands of 2030 will have to fight to be the chosen ones. To do this, companies will need to focus on betterment: how they can be more ethical internally, and how they can help consumers live more sustainable lives. This presentation will help your brand to have a more honest and realistic conversation about sustainability and purpose.

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The Transformative Twenties:
Pleasure Revolution

Enjoyment will become a political act against the mechanisms of capitalism. We can now expect to see a more gracious approach to consumerism – where pleasure, inactivity and the desire to live ordinarily are as equally valid. This presentation will help your brand to engage with consumers by tapping into cultural micro-shifts, decoupling self-worth from aspiration, and championing the anti-striver and the slacker.

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Beauty & Wellness Futures:
Recuperative Living

Brands have switched direction and are now focused on the home, as well as products and services linked to rehabilitation to help anxious consumers through this inter-Covid period. They are looking ahead to ensure they are able to play a recuperative role in consumers’ lives. This presentation will help your brand to become a supportive guide and friend to customers during a period of upheaval and anxiety.

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Gaming Futures

As rapid technological advancement and always-on culture proliferate globally, the culture of gaming is becoming increasingly mainstream. The wider world is having an impact on gaming, but equally, gaming is affecting the wider world. Our new Gaming Futures presentation helps businesses face the challenges of an increasingly anxious and connected audience in need for therapeutic, fluid and personalised gaming experiences.

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Banking Futures

In the era of consumers’ on-the-go and digital-first lifestyles, the banking Armageddon scenario can feel very real.In the coming years, fintech companies will see rapid evolution to the point of revolution, driven by technological and human advancements. Our new presentation delivers the insights and key rising trends to help you navigate this changing banking landscape.

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Haircare Futures

Consumers’ concern about damage and their embracing of natural textures offers new challenges for brands. Our new Haircare Futures presentation explores how cultural shifts around identity, the push for self-optimisation, forcing consumers to engage with the realities of global warming are driving new consumption patterns and development within the haircare industry.

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Branding Futures

In the coming decade branding will come to mean more than surface decoration.People, culture, experience, emotions and values will become essential ingredients for brands to create long lasting, wide reaching success with internal and external audiences. Our new Branding Futures presentation shows how a strong, clear and compelling purpose create long-lasting brands.

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Storytelling Futures

Until now, storytellers have focused on capturing consumers’ attention. But attention is no longer enough as the way people interact with media is changing. Our new Storytelling Futures presentation helps brands understand how storytelling is being challenged by new way of consuming stories and successfully reach their audience.

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On-the-go Futures

In the coming decade, we’ll see the evolution of a new type of traveler emerging alongside intelligent and responsive travel and on-the-go technology designed for today’s New Urban Nomads and cross-culture Bleisurites. Our new On-the-go Futures presentation demonstrates how these multifaceted consumers are abandoning traditional values and notions of on-the-go transit.

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Sustainability Futures

Consumers have lost faith in the ability of governments to tackle long-term issues concerning sustainability and are taking the matter into their own hands. A sustainable mission now underpins good business. Our new Sustainability Futures presentation demonstrates how a sustained approach to business growth can be adopted and replace the ruthless pursuit of profit.

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Case Studies

Presentation: Customer First

As part of the BMW Group’s annual Customer First Conference, The Future Laboratory was invited to give an insightful virtual presentation. Delivered online by co-founder Martin Raymond, the one-hour futures presentation detailed the key trends rising after a decade of change and expansion as we continue into the Transformative Twenties. The presentation was followed by a live Q&A session, giving the BMW team the chance to ask questions about the trends delivered. 

“Fantastic virtual presentation! Thank you for sharing insights into how brand outreach is transforming with digital at the core of this outreach. That was a truly inspirational talk.” 
- BMW Group

Presentation: Futures Series
The Future Laboratory were delighted to join Solvay in a series of 3 online presentations, delivered by co-founder Chris Sanderson. This partnership sought to inspire and challenge the thinking of the delegates at Solvay, providing them with the future macro drivers, market trends and social shifts of the three core Solvay pillars, People, Planet and Growth. 
“We asked The Future Laboratory to give us insight about the challenges for a purpose-led company on some strategic issues while the Transformative Twenties begin to unfold. The presentation delivered by Chris was absolutely amazing, a lot of exciting and interesting ideas that pushed us to think 'out of the box' of our future.” - Solvay
Kevin Murphy
Presentation: Beyond the New Normal
Delivered to Kevin Murphy's EMEA and US partners, our Beyond the New Normal presentation was created to drive assurance to the partners and distributors that the beauty brand is focused on future-proofing its business. This presentation unpacked consumer habits in lifestyle, beauty, wellness, retail and digital trends through the lens of consumers, brand responses and how it all manifests in an experiential setting. 

"We have gained much from our relationship with The Future Laboratory and LS:N Global. We have been able to create certainty around client behaviours and predict the future with the macrotrends and microtrends presented. The data has been invaluable as we move towards a prosperous future." - KEVIN.MURPHY

Bespoke Presentations

Are you looking for a bespoke presentation or workshop? Our dynamic and inspiring presentations enable you to experience our foresight and future trends through the lens of your own business

Combining data analysis, desk research and expert insights based on the futures subject of your choice, we can create bespoke presentations or tailor our futures presentations to suit the needs of your business. 

To share your brief or to discuss dates and bookings, get in touch below.

‘Futures presentations delivered by one of our portfolio of acclaimed presenters give you and your teams a unique opportunity to have world-class trends and consumer insights delivered to suit the requirements of your workshop, away-day or planning session. An unmissable way to kick off any event’
Chris Sanderson, co-founder, The Future Laboratory


Our experts in London and Asia-Pacific have travelled the globe, presenting to more than 400 leading organisations. From the worlds of design, marketing, strategy, innovation, consumer research and beyond, find out what our key clients thought of our futures presentations.

‘Your presentation messages reverberated through the day and into the evening during our Leaders Summit in Lisbon. Thank you again for a thought-provoking presentation.’

Brenda Fiala, global vice-president of strategy, insights and analytics


‘The Future Laboratory’s presentation did exactly what we wanted it to – give a glimpse of even further ahead, in a compelling and engaging way, to prepare for what brands need next.’

Vice-president of Marketing, Condé Nast


‘Our Beauty Futures project really paid off and everyone is very happy with the output. Looking forward to future work.’

Tom Vince, vice-president,
CMI Innovation Team


Our team of researchers, analysts, strategists and editors are available to deliver presentations in a number of formats. From inspirational company keynotes to expert panels, thought-leadership events, training programmes and workshops – find out more about our world-class speakers below.

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Chris Sanderson (He/Him)

Chris is responsible for delivering the company’s global roster of conferences, media events and LS:N Global Trend Briefings, which he co-presents with the team in major cities around the world. Clients who have booked his inspirational keynotes include Gucci Group, the European Travel Commission, Retail Week, Chanel, Harrods, Aldo and H&M.

Martin Raymond (He/Him)

Martin is editor-in-chief LS:N Global, the online lifestyle news and consumer insight portal. Having written several books on trend forecasting, including The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook and The Tomorrow People, Martin contributes regularly as an expert on trends and business for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.

Kathryn Bishop (She/Her)
foresight editor

Kathryn joined The Future Laboratory in 2016, and is foresight editor of LS:N Global. Specialising in luxury, she also works on its fashion content and leads commissioning internal and external articles. She has previously written for publications including Adorn Insight, VO+, Retail Jeweller, Professional Jeweller and CityAM.

Abi Buller (She/Her)
foresight analyst

Abi joined The Future Laboratory in late 2019 and writes across LS:N Global, including the daily Need to Know section. She has a background in fashion and continues to track industry shifts relating to sustainability and digital innovation. As well as leading the Fashion sector, she also contributes regularly to the Youth and Media & Technology verticals.

Olivia Houghton (She/Her)
senior creative foresight analyst

Olivia joined The Future Laboratory in early 2018 and is responsible for leading research to identify and visually communicate global trends across various lifestyle sectors. Contributing regularly to publications including Cosmetics Business, Vogue, Departures and Financial Times, Olivia is known as The Future Laboratory’s go-to expert for consumer trends in Beauty, Health & Wellness.

Savannah Scott (She/Her)
creative foresight analyst

Savannah joined The Future Laboratory as a creative researcher in 2020, leading visual research and design for food and drink and retail content on Savannah is a regular contributor to LS:N Global's daily news and weekly articles, alongside leading visual research for a number of annual macrotrends and sector reports. She is also a member of The Future Laboratory's Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce and co-runs the company's Mental Health Network.

Emily Rhodes (She/Her)
creative foresight analyst

Emily joined The Future Laboratory in 2021 after graduating from Nottingham Trent University, where she studied fashion communication. Leading visual research for the youth, media and technology sectors, she also contributes to LS:N Global’s daily content, alongside visualising larger macrotrends and reports.

Rachele Simms
head of strategy

Rachele plays a pivotal role in nurturing the Strategy team and developing the quality of our strategic thinking. With nearly 15 years of experience, she combines her creative background and strong commercial acumen to define and realise future strategies for brands such as Shiseido, lululemon, Jameson and The Chalhoub Group.

Louise French (She/Her)
strategy director

Louise is one of the lead strategists at The Future Laboratory. With over 12 years’ experience in brand and innovation strategy, she works closely with clients such as Dell, Sony, Selfridges and Gulfstream to identify inspiring and revolutionary opportunities for change, and to develop practical strategic frameworks that provide the blueprints for putting the future first.

Rachael Stott (She/Her)
senior futures analyst

Rachael is responsible for leading research to identify and visually communicate global cultural trends across the lifestyle sectors, inspiring our clients to prepare for the future. As our fashion and retail expert, she speaks regularly at our events, and has worked on projects for clients such as Adidas and the British Fashion Council.

Kristel Vanderlinden
strategic director / MP Europe

Kristel is heading up the European mainland business for The Future laboratory. She’s a foresight strategy consultant, insight specialist and keynote speaker. For many years she helped international and local brands to thrive, heading up the strategy department of different advertising agencies. Kristel is deeply involved in betterment strategies creating a positive impact on our society.


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