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Our strategic foresight experts specialise in trend forecasting, consumer insight, foresight, brand strategy and innovation across a variety of key industry sectors.

Drawing on a workforce of 50+ specialists, our team are on hand to offer expert commentary and data-driven validation for your latest feature or to inspire your newsworthy stories with future-facing insights. 

We can also organise expert briefings and interviews with our co-founders, senior leadership team or strategic foresight experts to help you to become a part of the conversation shaping the future. 

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Metaverse Customer Experience

The Future Laboratory's foresight editor, Kathryn Bishop, explains to David Benady of Raconteur the advancement of metaverse tech in the ecommerce industry.

Image credit: Raconteur



Business of Fashion

How to Open a Store in 2022

The Future Laboratory's foresight analyst, Abi Buller, reviewed with Daniel-Yaw Miller of BoF the metaverse and how it's shifting the process of opening a store in 2022. 

Image credit: Business of Fashion



The Collection

Revival of Ancient Beauty Rituals

The Future Laboratory foresight editor, Kathryn Bishop, spoke with Bel Jacobs of The Collection to discuss a future in which humans and nature exist in reciprocity.

Image credit: Emmanuel Lafont for The Collection



Luxury Society

Hyperphysical Stores

The Future Laboratory's foresight editor, Kathryn Bishop, provides insight to Limei Hoang of Luxury Society on the trend of elevating store spaces to enhance the consumer experience.

Image credit: Balenciaga for Luxury Society

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 3.15.59 PM


City A.M.

Gen Z's Influence on Color Trends

The Future Laboratory's Emily Rhodes is cited in the discussion of millennial pink and the rise of "optimistic" tones, thanks to Gen Z. 

Image credit: David Shrigley for Sketch Mayfair / City A.M.

Screen Shot 2022-06-09 at 3-02-12 PM


Business of Fashion

The Age of Acceleration

The Future Laboratory's founders, Martin Raymond and Chris Sanderson, returned last year at BoF VOICES 2021 to speak on the pandemic's impact and business pace shifts in this decade. 

Image credit: Business of Fashion 



Men’s Health

20 Fitness Trends in 2022

The Future Laboratory foresight editor Kathryn Bishop spoke with Men’s Health to discuss the fitness trends of 2022, from wearable tech to fashionable hobby sports.

Image credit: Carolina Carballo for The Future Laboratory




The Future of the Home

The Future Laboratory foresight editor Kathryn Bishop spoke with Richard Godwin of The Guardian to discuss a more sustainable future for the home.

Image credit: Material Futures for The Future Laboratory




The beauty of fluidity

The Future Laboratory senior strategic researcher, Momo Amjad, spoke with Bel Jacobs to discuss the history behind third-gender communities.

Image credit: Carolina Carballo for The Future Laboratory



Business of Fashion

BoF's VOICES 2021

BoF VOICES returned last year from Dec. 1 to 3 with a stellar lineup of speakers including The Future Laboratory's co-founders Chris Sanderson and Martin Raymond.

Image credit: Business of Fashion



Adobe Chats

The Alt-Experience series

The Future Laboratory co-founder Chris Sanderson features in episode one of the series as he discusses the future of retail and customer experience with Tina Daheley.

Image credit: Carolina Carballo for The Future Laboratory




Celebrity beauty brands this decade

Over the years we have seen many celebrities use their power and influence to sell products. Now, as our futures director, Victoria Buchanan, explains people want something more authentic, someone they can see has put the work in behind the scenes.

Image credit: LoveSeen


Our team of researchers, analysts, strategists and editors are available for expert commentary, thought-leadership events, specialist interviews and editorial partnerships.

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Chris Sanderson (He/Him)

Chris is responsible for delivering the company’s global roster of conferences, media events and LS:N Global Trend Briefings, which he co-presents with the team in major cities around the world. Clients who have booked his inspirational keynotes include Gucci Group, the European Travel Commission, Retail Week, Chanel, Harrods, Aldo and H&M.

Martin Raymond (He/Him)

Martin is editor-in-chief LS:N Global, the online lifestyle news and consumer insight portal. Having written several books on trend forecasting, including The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook and The Tomorrow People, Martin contributes regularly as an expert on trends and business for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.

Fiona Anderson (She/Her)
people director

Fiona joined The Future Laboratory in 2016 to lead people management and talent acquisition. Her interest in people management began at Macmillan Publishers where she worked in an administrative capacity. As The Future Laboratory continues to grow, Fiona is committed to creating an environment where the team can do their best work while ensuring their professional ambitions are realised.

Rodrigo Tobal (He/Him)
head of marketing

Rodrigo is responsible for developing a 360-degree marketing strategy across The Future Laboratory and LS:N Global. He leads a team focused on maximising the company’s brand awareness and marketing reach in a bid to generate new demand for all services. With more than 10 years’ experience leading high-performing marketing teams, Rodrigo has a proven record of advising, planning and implementing B2C and B2B strategies.

Fiona Harkin
foresight editor

Fiona is a trends and insight consultant who delivers innovative strategic insight and creative content. Having spent 20 years working in leading forecasting and insight agencies and as a journalist, Fiona draws on considerable cross-sector expertise, ranging from consumer lifestyle, media and marketing and digital commerce to fashion, beauty and technology. Fiona brings valuable insight, clarity and direction to our LS:N Global team.

Marta Indeka
foresight analyst

Marta joined The Future Laboratory’s trends intelligence platform LS:N Global as a foresight analyst in 2022. Her background is in fashion and luxury strategy, and she has also worked in trend forecasting, with a focus on changes in consumer attitudes and technology. Marta is the company’s lead researcher on the fashion sector, which involves examining how fashion affects society and vice versa, and unpacking the implications and opportunities for LS:N Global members.

Olivia Houghton (She/Her)
deputy creative foresight editor

Olivia joined The Future Laboratory in early 2018 and is responsible for leading the creative development of LS:N Global. As Deputy Creative Foresight Editor, she ensures the platform’s written and visual content sets new standards for the digital communication. Olivia is also known as The Future Laboratory’s go-to expert for consumer trends in Beauty, Health & Wellness.

Savannah Scott (She/Her)
senior creative foresight analyst

Savannah leads the research and design for food and drink and retail content for the LS:N Global. With a background in creative strategy, anthropology and graphic design, Savannah curates and contributes to the visual narrative of LS:N Global, alongside leading visual research for a number of annual macrotrends and sector reports. Savannah is a regular contributor to LS:N Global’s daily news and weekly articles, as well as being the team’s regional expert for Africa.

Emily Rhodes (She/Her)
creative foresight analyst

Emily joined The Future Laboratory in 2021 after graduating from her course in fashion communication and promotion at Nottingham Trent University. As a creative foresight analyst, she leads the visual research for the youth, media, and technology sectors as well as contributing to LS:N Global’s daily content and design-led pieces. With a keen interest in the future of urban environments and climate-combative design, she is an active member of the lab’s sustainability taskforce.

Rachele Simms
director of strategy and planning

Rachele plays a pivotal role in nurturing the Strategy team and developing the quality of our strategic thinking. With nearly 15 years of experience, she combines her creative background and strong commercial acumen to define and realise future strategies for brands such as Shiseido, lululemon, Jameson and The Chalhoub Group.

Louise French (She/Her)
strategy director

Louise is one of the lead strategists at The Future Laboratory. With over 12 years’ experience in brand and innovation strategy, she works closely with clients such as Dell, Sony, Selfridges and Gulfstream to identify inspiring and revolutionary opportunities for change, and to develop practical strategic frameworks that provide the blueprints for putting the future first.

Rachael Stott (She/Her)
senior futures analyst

Rachael is responsible for leading research to identify and visually communicate global cultural trends across the lifestyle sectors, inspiring our clients to prepare for the future. As our fashion and retail expert, she speaks regularly at our events, and has worked on projects for clients such as Adidas and the British Fashion Council.

Darian Nugent (She/Her)
senior strategic foresight writer

Darian creates tailored reports and thought-leading content across diverse industries. Unlocking future-facing strategies and new brand directions, Darian has written bespoke foresight reports for Jägermeister, Samsung and UBS. Before joining The Future Laboratory, she forecast fashion and youth lifestyle trends for Stylus.

Rosanna Iacono
foresight analyst & presenter Asia-Pacific

Rosanna's career includes 16 years internationally with Nike where she led and launched new business units including Nike Sportswear apparel, and Levi’s where she was the Brand Director for Europe, Middle East and Africa, and the Global Brand Director for the Premium division. Rosanna is the Managing Partner and Co-Founder of strategy consultancy The Growth Activists in Australia, where she specialises in Growth, Brand, Innovation and ESG Transformation strategy.

Jade Miles
foresight analyst & presenter Asia-Pacific

Jade Miles is a food advocate and educator, business builder, food co-op founder, author, podcaster and regenerative heritage fruit farmer based in Australia. She’s an active presence in the regenerative space, hosting school programs, permaculture and homesteading workshops while sitting on multiple boards – all in the name of reconnecting people to nature, food and a simpler existence.


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