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This week: Lamborghini unveils exclusive luxury residences in Spain, an AI DJ gets a regular radio slot, Isamaya Beauty’s new BDSM-inspired campaign, Michelin-starred chef experiments with lab-grown chicken, and erectile dysfunction pills in the form of chic mints. 

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7 July 2023

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: Global Fashion Summit, Denmark


Tierra Viva Residences by Lamborghini, Spain

1. Lamborghini unveils exclusive luxury residences

Spain – Italian car-maker Lamborghini has announced its venture into the property market with the upcoming debut of its first ever European residences. The project, Tierra Viva, is scheduled for completion in 2027 and will be located in the village of Benahavis, Spain. In collaboration with luxury real estate developer Dar Global, Lamborghini has designed the exclusive complex to reflect the essence of its vehicles, including features like leather accents and intricate glasswork.

The gated community, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, will comprise 53 villas. Residents will enjoy convenient access to popular tourist sites while benefitting from round-the-clock security.

With a total value of some £242m ($307m, €282m), Tierra Viva will offer three distinct residence layouts: the spacious six-bedroom Diamante, the elegant five-bedroom Zafiro and the intimate four-bedroom Esmeralda. The villas will boast panoramic swimming pools, gardens, direct vehicle access, terraces and lavish marble flooring.

In Automotive Accommodation, we previously looked at how, with global car sales in decline, premium automotive brands are entering the property market using car-branded condos to diversify their product offerings.

2. An AI DJ gets a regular radio slot

US – Billing itself as a world first, Portland, Oregon-based radio station Live 99.5 has given an AI-generated DJ a regular slot in its line-up. The station is part of Alpha Media, which owns and operates over 200 radio stations across the US.

Described as a ‘cloned human voice’, AI Ashley is a synthesised version of the station’s human DJ, Ashley Elzinga, and is powered by FuturiMedia’s RadioGPT. It has been created by using a script based on current news gathered from digital outlets and social media platforms for AI Ashley to read.

‘It’s a hybrid situation where we’ll have traditional Ashley on during some segments, and we’ll have AI Ashley on during other segments,’ Phil Becker, executive vice-president of content at Alpha Media told TechCrunch.

Opinions on the development have been mixed, with those seeing it as a signal that AI will be taking over more jobs, while the station itself is taking a more positive and optimistic view in that the AI Ashley will actually help ‘multiply’ Elzinga’s broadcasting potential. ‘In an instance where AI Ashley would be broadcasting, the traditional Ashley might be doing something in the community, managing social posts or working on digital assets or the other elements that come with the job,’ said Becker.

Our AI series continues to track and analyse the significant shifts that AI is instigating across the consumer and lifestyle industries.

Spotify AI DJ, US
Industrial 2.0 Campaign by Isamaya Beauty

3. Isamaya Beauty’s new BDSM-inspired campaign with Julia Fox

Global – Beauty talent Isamaya Ffrench’s eponymous brand Isamaya Beauty has launched a new campaign starring actress Julia Fox and model Richie Shazam that takes its visual and cultural cues from BDSM subculture. The campaign features Fox suspended in the air in a vaccuum-pack seal as two figures clad in latex suits approach her. Both carry a suitcase of steel tools and an eyeshadow palette before grabbing Fox's face to apply make-up on her.

This campaign comes one year after Isamaya Ffrench launched her brand, which included a series of penis-shaped lipsticks. These phallic inspirations, however, have been elevated to the next level with this new campaign. ‘This collection is all about celebrating and finding power in non-conformity, exploring individuality and owning it,’ Ffrench told Dazed Beauty. Fox’s previous history working as a dominatrix in the BDSM world and her love for the brand made her the perfect fit for this campaign.

A far cry from the hyper-sexualised content of the 1990s, this campaign accurately depicts and celebrates the BDSM subculture – kinks and all. In Five Beauty and Wellness Brands Exploring Extremes, we looked at how brands are going to bold and daring lengths to capture their audiences. Isamaya Beauty’s campaign expands the visual limits of such work.

Dominique Crenn for Upside Foods, US

4. Michelin-starred restaurant serves lab-grown chicken for the first time

US – Lab-grown chicken, produced entirely from animal cells, made its debut at a San Francisco restaurant in July 2023. Manufactured by Upside Foods and Good Meat, which received recent approval from the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Department of Agriculture, the cultivated chicken was served to winners of a social media contest at Bar Crenn. The chicken was prepared in a tempura batter, accompanied by a burnt chilli aioli, greens and edible flowers, all presented in a black ceramic dish.

Lab-grown meat producers aim to reduce the environmental impact of the traditional meat industry and provide an alternative for individuals concerned about the ethical treatment and killing of animals. But the cultivated meat is not technically vegetarian or vegan.

‘It’s the first time meat has made it back on my menu since 2018, because Upside chicken is the first meat that I feel good about serving,’ said Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn. She called Upside a ‘significant step towards a more sustainable and compassionate food system’.

The cultivated chicken has yet to become a regular menu item at Bar Crenn, but it will be featured in other monthly events throughout the year.

In our Adaptive Appetites macrotrend, we previously analysed how, as inflation and supply chain fragility send food and drink prices soaring, consumers and companies are adapting rapidly and embracing frugality, innovation and indulgence.

Hard Mints by Hims, US

5. Hims offers prescription erectile dysfunction pills in mint form

US – Hims, the American telehealth company, has unveiled a ground-breaking addition to its product line-up. Hard Mints are a real, prescription, erection-boosting medications in mint form. The discreet and accessible nature of these innovative erectile dysfunction (ED) pills aligns with Hims’ mission to provide convenient online access to a range of healthcare solutions.

Founded in 2017, Hims offers prescription and over-the-counter drugs and treatments for conditions such as hair loss, anxiety and depression, and skincare products. With an online platform, individuals can discreetly address their healthcare needs without the hassle of physically visiting a doctor. To obtain the ED products, customers need to connect with a licensed professional through Hims’ website, and after being connected with the correct doctor, they can receive their prescription.

In Fertility Market, we looked at how stigma surrounding male infertility persists, making services such as Hims’ discreet box more necessary than ever. By offering a low-lift and rewarding experience, Hims is revolutionising the accessibility and convenience of remote healthcare.

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