Introducing the Global Drivers 2030

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We are excited to launch our 2024 refresh of the six key Global Drivers set to transform the world we live in as we head towards 2030.

Global drivers are the fundamental shifts or external forces that have the potential to reshape the future trajectory of a brand or business.

They help to contextualise decision-making by considering why and how the world is being reshaped. They enable us to rethink what kind of world consumers will live in and therefore what will drive the businesses of tomorrow.

These drivers represent the cultural, social, economic, political, technological and environmental eventualities making the biggest impact on the world. They are factual, objective and long-term structural forces that are pervasive, powerful and transformative.

They include:
: Accelerating Technologies
: Climate Crisis and Resource Scarcity
: Evolving Demographics
: Micro Globalisation
: Fragmenting Societies
: Urbanising World

Download an executive summary of the six Global Drivers below to learn more about the trajectory of these drivers and what they mean for your business or get in touch to find out how your business can harness their potential.


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5 June 2023

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: AI artwork by The Future Laboratory



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