Gen Z: IRL in Sydney

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Earlier this week, our team in Sydney took part in a live panel discussion with JCDecaux to delve deeper into some of the key insights from our collaborative foresight report, Gen Z: The IRL Opportunity.

The world’s largest outdoor advertising company, JCDecaux, commissioned The Future Laboratory to produce a foresight report that delves into understanding the values and needs of Gen Z in Australia.

One notable finding is that these digital natives are consistently rejecting the notion of online-only identities and actively seeking Out-of-Home experiences.

This rebellious demographic poses unique challenges for marketers as they join the workforce and start spending on goods and services. Their entry will have a significant impact on business, retail, technology, politics and culture. Their collective voice demands to be heard, and our report provides insights on how brands can understand their preferences and meet their needs.

The Gen Z: The IRL Opportunity report was launched on 13 June with a presentation at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney and networking amongst the famous VIVID lights. The event featured a panel of marketing and Gen Z experts discussing how this generation are altering the demographic landscape of Australia and beyond. You can download a copy of the report below.

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16 June 2023

Author: The Future Laboratory

Image: The Future Laboratory


The event explored how and why it is critical for marketers to grasp the ever-changing identities, communities, and digital spaces or the vast audience of Gen Z. However, as the panel explored, its equally important to engage in authentic conversations with them in the physical world.
Gen Z can be difficult to reach via traditional advertising methods. Out-of-Home advertising has proven to be effective in capturing their attention and sparking their creativity. By providing genuine, relevant, communal, and immersive experiences, we can connect with this audience new and meaningful ways.

To learn more about this evolving demographic and how your business can engage with them through branding and marketing, download the report below.
‘Gen Z customers are sophisticated, discriminating and continuously pushing businesses to take action and provide genuine social change’
Essie Wake, chief marketing officer at JCDecaux Australia and New Zealand

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