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A Foresight Report for Bacardi

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Looking towards forecasting the key trends for cocktail consumption and the spirits business in 2023, Bacardi commissioned The Future Laboratory to produce a new foresight report, sharing the newfound undertones that will impact cocktail culture in the coming months. 

Throughout 2022, uncertainty has continued to abound. But after experiencing enforced hybrid living at the beginning of the decade, people are now viewing the challenges they face – from the climate crisis to geopolitical tensions – with fresh eyes.

Consumers now have more control over their lives, and are experts when it comes to their needs and desires. They understand their rhythms, what makes them tick, and the kind of world they want to live in. All of which contributes to a sense that the future is very much up for grabs. It’s a feeling echoed in the wider landscape.

“Believe it or not, we’re on the cusp of a new cycle of mass flourishing and innovation. The widespread upheaval of the last few years has rewritten the rules of collaboration and community, with 2023 representing the beginning of mass technological, societal, cultural, and organizational transformation,” says Martin Raymond, co-founder of The Future Laboratory.

Combining expert interviews with consumer insight, The Future Laboratory identified the emerging trends and attitudes that will transform the drink and alcohol markets. This report, made in collaboration with Bacardi, draws on insights from Bacardi-led consumer and brand ambassador surveys, interviews with the bar and restaurant trade, and The Future Laboratory’s independent research - facilitating successful communication between Bacardi and their customers.

Click below to discover the resulting 2023 Cocktail Trends Report, with key take-outs and statistics for this new era.


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12 December 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory



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: Conscious Cocktails 


Purpose has never been more important. As the mindful drinking movement matures, individuals are seeking the same consciousness from the organizations they interact with, encouraging drinks brands to further enshrine sustainability and community building across the industry.

: Green Creations : Environmental awareness is transforming how the drinks industry operates. High-end venue bartenders are increasingly conscious of reducing waste, looking for sustainable ingredients and thinking about what happens to the items used, from bottles to garnishes. 

: NoLo Interchangeability : With consumers choosing to drink alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails at the same occasion, without any social stigma, the stage is set for a period of non-alcoholic and low-proof (NoLo) experimentation. These new consumer categorizations are already resulting in category growth.

‘Drinks brands are set on communicating the sustainability and ingenuity of their supply chains and manufacturing processes to customers, and promoting their environmental credentials as a central part of their offerings.’ 

Chris Sanderson, Co-founder of The Future Laboratory 

: Transformational Tastes


With greater control over their schedules, consumers are looking beyond traditional cocktail culture. Harnessing the move toward experimentation and flexibility, 2023 will transform when and where people celebrate with cocktails, and the flavors they choose to enjoy.

Some of these emerging trends include:

: Circadian Cocktails
With time becoming more unstructured in a world of hybrid work, drink occasions are becoming increasingly varied. Many are enjoying cocktails earlier in the day, and this brings opportunities for creations that align with an individual’s rhythm and match their mood at a specific time as they amend their social routine.

: Nostalgia with a Twist 
With people around the world facing ongoing tensions and uncertainties, experiences that stimulate nostalgia are in demand. In 2023, consumers will seek out cocktails that transport them back to better times. 

: Carefree Creations 
This new landscape is providing places where bartenders can push the boundaries with experimentation, liberation, and fun ingredients. 

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‘As cocktail culture flourishes, people are seeking inspiration from the new flavors, sensations, and experiences they’re seeing in bars and restaurants and using these to deepen their enjoyment in the creation of cocktails. ’
Brenda Fiala, Global VP, Strategy, Insights & Analytics at Bacardi

: Virtual Experimentation  


The digital realm is proving rife for drinks innovation, with accelerating technologies providing fresh paths to cocktail discovery, creation, and enjoyment. 

: Digital Democratization 

Consumers have heightened expectations and are requesting cocktails at traditionally unexpected times and venues. They want their cocktails to be customized to their preferences, with 2023 set to be the year of on-demand drinks and experiences, all facilitated by the convenience of digital commerce and the ingenuity of web platforms.

: Betterverse Imbibing 

If 2022 was the year of the metaverse, expect 2023 to be the year of the Betterverse, where the immersive, collaborative, and engaging virtual realm is harnessed to provide transformational experiences, education, and exploration. With their intrinsic openness, digital spaces have the potential to create new paths to drinks education and experimentation, with forwardthinking brands using gamification strategies to make such concepts even more engaging.

This is just a snippet of the 2023 Cocktail Trends Report. Click below to download the full report PDF.

‘To continue to attract consumers and their ever-changing mindsets through the next decade and beyond, businesses must help to build the Betterverse.’
Martin Raymond, co-founder, The Future Laboratory

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