Strategic Research
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Strategic Research

Realise your business potential through your future audiences

To help you understand the continually changing competitive landscape and connect with your future consumers we combine progressive qualitative and quantitative methodologies. We conduct extensive ethnographic research that brings previously undiscovered communities to life at a truly visceral level. Our visually inspiring debriefs, films and videographic diaries enable you to see your brand through their eyes and in their world. These elusive and valuable insights will help you to anticipate needs, identify emerging behaviour patterns and understand changing lifestyles, providing you with the strategic tools to reach, learn and co-create with your future consumers.

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‘Super job… This work can change the trajectory of Diageo. It’s that big.’
Zoe Lazarus, global future and culture planning director
A really valuable piece of work that unlocked our thinking.
Cary Wakefield, director of marketing and audiences
We broke the mould… intent to buy IP at a group level is up 50% in 18 months.
Peter O’Donnell, CEO
Unum UK
Congratulations on your incredible work. It’s transforming how our business works.

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