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Learn how to engage, revitalise and protect consumers in
the inter-Covid era

In the aftermath of Covid-19, consumers’ collective concerns about hygiene, wellbeing and immunity will drive new directions in beauty and wellness focused on phygital rehabilitation

Building on the sectors’ shift towards brand transparency and product education, our new Beauty & Wellness Futures report is packed with practical insights and inspiring case studies to engage, revitalise and protect consumers in the inter-Covid era.

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Recuperative Living:

In the aftermath of Covid-19, consumers’ collective concerns about hygiene, wellbeing and immunity will drive new directions in beauty and wellness focused on phygital rehabilitation.

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Isolated Intimacy:

As the world experiences a crisis of closeness, new services are positioning isolation as an opportunity to reassess the meaning of intimacy.

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Decentralised Care:

With the world facing a crisis of health, new micro-societies are emerging that infuse local communities with solidarity, trust and care.

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Bio-positive Beauty:

Short, traceable supply chains and condensed routines are in high demand as beauty moves from zero to positive impact.

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Conscious Deceleration:

Struggling to keep up with fast-paced and demanding approaches to fitness, health-conscious consumers are looking for a more measured, long-term approach.

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Ancestral Beauty:

Beauty brands are taking ownership of heritage through the revival of ancestral rituals and ingredients that celebrate – not appropriate – their cultures.

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‘Brands and businesses that focus on being iterative, responsive and in-the-moment with their customers will become indispensable as consumers navigate an altered beauty and wellness landscape.’
Kathryn Bishop, foresight editor, The Future Laboratory


At The Future Laboratory, our strategic solution is a simple one: to equip you with the tools, techniques and cultural insights that allow you to navigate change, unlock opportunity and thrive in a world of continuous uncertainty.

Our strategists do this by harnessing the combined power of LS:N Global and our Foresight Research System to better understand future consumer behaviour and how you can implement these insights in ways that drive short-, medium- and long-term growth.

Like you, our focus is on the consumer. All of our tools have been created to help harness their thinking, map their behaviour and study those innovations – or early adopter opportunities – that differentiate brand leaders from category followers.

Find out how you can use our Strategic Services to future-proof your retail strategy.

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Virtual Presentations

Recuperative Living
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Consumers’ collective concerns about hygiene, wellbeing and immunity will drive new directions in beauty and wellness focused on phygital rehabilitation. 

Brands have switched direction and are now focused on the home, as well as products and services linked to rehabilitation to help anxious consumers through this inter-Covid period. They are looking ahead to ensure they are able to play a recuperative role in consumers’ lives.

This presentation will help your brand to become a supportive guide and friend to customers during a period of upheaval and anxiety.

Haircare Futures
Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 15.02.39

Although the haircare market continues to grow, it is moving beyond its most basic and functional elements.

Consumers’ concern about damage and their embracing of natural textures offers new challenges for brands.

Our new Haircare Futures presentation explores how cultural shifts around identity, the push for self-optimisation and the rising Anthropocene Mindset forcing consumers to engage with the realities of global warming are driving new consumption patterns, new ingredients and formats development within the haircare industry.

Conscious Deceleration
Screenshot 2020-07-23 at 15.03.04

The health and wellness sector has perpetuated a narrative of fitter, stronger and more zen, which, conversely, is leading to burnout. Consumers are calling on brands to stop feeding into our anxiety-laden culture and instead help them slow down and focus on what wellness really means to them.

Our new in-house presentation uncovers the insights and rising trends to help you understand where the health and wellness sector is heading. From the latest developments in the fitness space to the new brands catering for different life stages, we explore how businesses are tapping into the nascent shifts in consumer mindset.


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Martin Raymond

Martin is editor-in-chief of LS:N Global, the online lifestyle news and consumer insight portal. Having written several books on trend forecasting, including The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook and The Tomorrow People, Martin contributes regularly as an expert on trends and business for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.

Kathryn Bishop
foresight editor

Kathryn joined The Future Laboratory in 2016, and is deputy editor of LS:N Global. Specialising in luxury, she also works on its fashion content and leads commissioning internal and external articles. She has previously written for publications including Adorn Insight, VO+, Retail Jeweller, Professional Jeweller and CityAM.

Tim Noakes
head of foresight

Tim leads our Foresight strategy, encompassing LS:N Global, branded content solutions, bespoke presentations, events, and reports. Overseeing all of our Trends Intelligence services, Tim and his team create vital research to ensure our clients achieve long-term business success. Prior to joining us he was the Editor-in-Chief of Dazed Media and Editorial Director of Boiler Room.

Livvy Houghton
creative researcher

Livvy joined The Future Laboratory in early 2018 and oversees LS:N Global’s Need to Know section. Working closely with Holly, she manages the content and constructs the visual elements for the daily news stories. She also supports the team, researching and visualising, for various other sectors across LS:N Global.

Victoria Buchanan
senior futures analyst

Victoria specialises in future thinking and consumer research. She uses her creativity and strategic thinking to develop bespoke foresight projects for leading brands, such as L’Oréal, Spotify and Google, so that they can prepare their businesses for the future. She also regularly contributes to industry panel discussions and publications in the futures field.

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