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Foresight Reports

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Decode and de-risk the future with our Futures Reports. Combining quantitative and qualitative research with original case studies and innovations, we explore your sector or consumers in detail to identify new product streams and original thinking to enable you to more quickly develop leading strategies and disruptive innovations.

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‘Things that really stood out for me: the trend work you guys have done, the work on innovation and the way you look at different consumer groups in different markets and how they’re really developing, and how important it is for brands to stay ahead of consumers to really connect with them in the years to come.’
Chrissy Totty, head of innovation
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‘We needed insight on new luxury trends to inform a luxury project for Sir Martin Sorrell. Our account manager collated a pinboard and shared the Luxury Futures report – truly great stuff. Thanks so much, she might well have saved our bacon.’
Suzzane Zhang, strategic planning director
Grey London
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‘I love the service. It helps to spark creative ideas and aids planning with big consumer clients. The insights have been invaluable to me. The team are wonderful to work with.’
Jodie Simpson, consumer director
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