Foresight Programmes
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Foresight Programmes

Stay ahead of the curve in
an uncertain world

We work directly with clients to embed bespoke trend systems that identify, anticipate and monitor the rate and propensity of change.

This longer-term outlook empowers brands with the strategic foresight they need to address their specific business issues, unlock potential for innovation and set the strategic direction that will lead to prosperity.

Our fully integrated trend programmes are designed to become a permanent source of business intelligence that can be leveraged to overcome the challenges of the future.

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“We want to be seen as innovative and The Future Laboratory is a partner for that”
Thierry Campet, Global Head of Marketing Communications
‘This is the second edition of HSBC’s Future of Business report. In the words of Vince Cable, its findings are bright for the future of the British economy and especially bright for British manufacturing. The report helped us to demonstrate our expertise to businesses as well as, importantly, to offer guidance on the exciting possibilities the future holds for them.’
Kate Woodyatt, media relations manager, commercial banking
‘The Future of the Workplace report developed for Unum delivered exactly what we hoped: rich content with multiple trends that Unum uses across PR, marketing, sales, social media, advertising and in stakeholder conversations. Sector-specific summaries secured specific PR targets, and the team’s introductions to CNBC, which ensured our lead coverage, was an unexpected bonus that added real value to our collaboration.’
Ed O’Brien, associate director
Blue Rubicon
‘The Aruba Future of Work report helped secure more than 9.6m impressions (online/print circulation). It informed various angles and coverage in priority targets including, adding a further 50m views and syndication worldwide.’
Laura Gillen, associate director
Waggener Edstrom Communications

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