Bespoke Presentations
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Bespoke Presentations

Your future brought to life

Instigate debate, challenge thinking and generate opportunities by booking our world-class team to deliver a sharp, incisive foresight briefing workshop to uncover new areas for growth in the new and next. Combining data analysis, desk research and expert insights, we create visually arresting multimedia presentations that demonstrate exactly how our global lifestyle trends can be applied to your category – and your brand.

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‘The vision is totally absorbing… whether that is through film, presentations or the speakers themselves. It’s fantastic sensory overload.’
Simon Allison, technical operations team leader
‘Our Beauty Futures project really paid off and everyone is very happy with the output. Looking forward to future work.’
Tom Vince, vice-president, CMI Innovation Team
L’Oréal USA
‘The Future Laboratory’s presentation did exactly what we wanted it to – give a glimpse of even further ahead, in a compelling and engaging way, to prepare for what brands need next.’
Maya Draisin, associate publisher and head of marketing
Wired USA
‘The Future Laboratory has two promises: to innovate and to inspire. It offers a wealth of insight on an international scale and has become my bible in terms of direction, strategy and trend forecasting.’
Claus Sendlinger, founder and CEO
Design Hotels
‘The Future Laboratory’s insights broadened our knowledge of the sector and added an extra dimension to our thinking. It was really good at following up with valuable pointers and made access to its other services really easy. A most enjoyable experience and a good basis for future conversations.’
Emma Marsland, managing partner WCRS & Partner
‘The Future Laboratory showcased thought-provoking and confronting themes.’
Alex Proimos, CPA, CFA, conference content producer
Conexus Financial

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