Immaterial Fashion : The end of ownership

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The Future Laboratory hosted a panel on Selfridges’ Instagram Live as part of its new Project Earth initiative. Watch Tilly Thorns interview three industry experts about how they are helping to make fashion sustainable for us all

Building on Selfridges’ sustainability initiatives of the past 10 years, Project Earth comprises three key areas of focus. Firstly, it will address the materials used in products, secondly repair and resell models for fashion and luxury goods, and finally how to inspire mindset shifts among its customers and employees.

The Project Earth launch was supported by a programme of events, with talks, takeovers and screenings tackling topics from ethical consumerism to sustainable beauty. Selfridges will team up with more than 300 brand partners, from the Woodland Trust and WWF to The Future Laboratory.

Together with The Future Laboratory, Selfridges considered the rise of Immaterial Fashion and how it can be positioned as a sustainable option for consumers, and part of a long-term strategic change for fashion and luxury brands. The Future Laboratory hosted a takeover of Selfridges’ Instagram on 8 October 2020 to discuss the future potential of virtual fashion and the end of product ownership.

Tilly Thorns, presentations editor at The Future Laboratory, interviews three key industry experts: Victoria Prew, co-founder and CEO of Hurr Collective, the UK’s first peer-to-peer wardrobe rental platform; Natasha Fernandes Anjo, founder of Roop, an eco-conscious brand that uses upcycled materials; and Johnny O’Kane, founder of vintage clothing brand Col8.

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19 November 2020

Author: The Future Laboratory



You can watch a recording of the Instagram live panel below.