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Are you tired of soulless, one-click purchases? Fed up with the blandness of e-commerce? Are you ready to trade convenience for a spark of intrigue? If so, you’re in the right place.

E-commerce is undergoing a radical shift. Until now, the promise of convenience has come at the expense of engagement, with retailers creating increasingly friction-free online experiences that lack memorability and excitement. While there is still demand for the kind of seamless service offered by mega-systems such as Amazon, there is also a need for more social and complex shopping experiences that allow people to truly connect with a brand – and each other.

Representing the power of new retail strategies in action, our co-commerce (Community Commerce) experience was designed to highlight new ways to access and exchange products that are powered by curation, connection and co-creation.

Access a free copy of our 2019 retail report by selecting one of the three pathways: DISCOVERwhere we will send you on an augmented reality quest; CREATEwhere you will turn from a consumer into a producer; and SELLwhere you will enjoy the perks of micro-commerce.



Stepping away from streamlined, mindless transactions, brands are now elevating the experience of shopping online by introducing purposeful friction into online touchpoints. In doing so, the path to purchase is being transformed into something that requires shoppers’ time and attention.

To retrieve the report using this route, you will have to venture on a phygital quest around an East London location specified on the map to find a hidden augmented reality code.

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Download the free World Brush app on your phone and use it to explore the space around the location specified on the map.

You will find clues in the area that will guide you to a code word, which you can use to access the report. Once you have the code, go to our shop and paste in the word as a discount code.


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The age of monolithic brand entities is over. Fuelled by technology, the demand for personalisation and product customisation will usher in a new era of micro-commerce and creator-driven retail.

As we enter a new phase of creative consumption, consumers will act as producers, while brands will begin to operate more like service providers.

This route will provide you with a deconstructed version of the report that you can own and brand. We will provide you with all the necessary elements – full copy, links to case studies and a customisable layout – but the final product will be your creation.


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Access the deconstructed report through our shop. You will receive a link to download all of the different parts in an email (as well as our branded PDF).


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If you have already accessed the report, you can now resell it.

Re-commerce culture is booming, with online shoppers increasingly confident about not buying goods directly from a brand or retailer. Building on the success of socially driven resale marketplaces, consumers are working with brands to open their own digital stores selling brand-name goods and earning commission.

If you retrieved the Community Commerce report using either the Discover or Create routes, you have the option to share it with another attendee to receive a discount code for the next report you purchase via our shop.

This option is only available to the attendees of the Retail Futures Forum 2019.


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