Future Five 2024

The topics set to shape the new year

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Our latest downloadable briefing, Future Five 2024, is designed to help you unpack the most important topics of tomorrow, relevant for today.

With consumers increasingly expecting products and services that feel relevant and which support their personal lifestyle missions and purpose, it has never been more important for brands and businesses to stay one step ahead of the key macroshifts and microtrends influencing customer behaviour.

But at the same time, the speed of development of new technologies, the rapidly evolving climate crisis and the continued emergence of increasingly nuanced updates to consumer typologies mean that it has also never been more challenging to keep on top of the ever-expanding list of themes and subjects it is now essential to master.  

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What’s inside the report?

This Future Five 2024 report is a briefing designed to help you jump straight to the key insights, opinions and future opportunities that you need to know about right now.

 Our leading Topics are framed around the key challenges and pain points businesses are currently grappling with, giving you the key knowledge and insight needed to innovate confidently and effectively. The report focuses on the five Topics that we think are most important for businesses to be fluent in for the year ahead: 
: Artificial Intelligence

We explore how we can overcome the ethical issues and fear around the technology to build positive outcomes for people, the planet, society and the creative industries 

: Sustainability

This section illustrates why brands need to embrace radical transformational business opportunities, while finding new ways to communicate their approaches to eco-fatigued consumers 

: Home & Family and Identities

In these topics we highlight the opportunities and challenges created by shifting demographics, changes in family structures and the new narratives being written by traditionally underserved and under-represented groups  

: Mobility

Here we consider how futuristic technology and the influence of the new space age are forcing automotive brands to adapt and diversify 

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This report is built around the Topics section on LS:N Global, which features industry-leading insight, foresight, trend forecasting and strategic analysis of the most important themes of tomorrow, relevant for today. 
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