10 Chinese Beauty Consumer Myths in 2023 Report

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Our new 10 Chinese Beauty Consumer Myths in 2023 report, in partnership with Hot Pot China, provides new levels of insight into the Chinese beauty consumer market, with a focus on debunking 10 key myths.

Through qualitative and quantitative consumer research, the report offers meaningful insight into the attitudes and behaviours of the Chinese beauty consumer like never before.

The report takes you on a journey through some of the myths that are dominating the beauty sector at present. It highlights and dispels some of these myths, and offers a more nuanced, and in some cases dissenting, voice. 

Ultimately, the report serves decision-makers in the skincare and cosmetics industry with a tilt to Chinese consumers, and in turn leads to better, deeper connections with this audience for future marketing strategies.

You can now download the report for free below.

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What’s inside the report?

Our new report provides new levels of insight into the Chinese beauty market. The report includes:

: Attitudes

We unpack some of the myths and misconceptions that can be grouped together as attitudes, including key takeaways from both Hot Pot China and The Future Laboratory.

: Motivations

We explore how understanding the difference in strongly held attitudes, especially if they are different or more pronounced, is a foundational principle in consumer understanding, and ultimately the secret to winning with China.

: Marketing

Ultimately, just a few (of the many) young Chinese generations’ attitudes to beauty explored in the report, as well as their buying motivations, are only useful to marketing and commercial decision-makers if they are executed in the right channels.

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This report has been created in collaboration between The Future Laboratory and Hot Pot China.

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Reality Check: 10 Chinese Beauty Consumer Myths in 2023 Report


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