Work StatesFutures

Work States Futures

It’s time to better understand the paradigm shift that the pandemic era has had on the future of work, and what this means for consumers, brands and businesses.

Are you ready for the five emerging mindsets of the future workplace? Discover Work States Futures now.

Work StatesFutures

There is no longer a one-size-fits-all approach to how we work and the kind of spaces we work in.

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Early adopter brands, businesses and organisations are now focusing on work state solutions, rather than work place ones. Employers must now rethink flexible working as ‘flourish-enabling’.

This timely report is an essential tool for navigating the longer-term effects of post-Covid work life. What does this mean for tomorrow’s consumer attitudes, and what does it mean for the products and spaces – physical and virtual, home, office, and everywhere in between – being built in response?

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Explore the Five States of Work

State One
State Two
State Three
State Four
State Five

Inspiration & Intent

This is the mindset used for job-hunting, or starting a new role or project; it unites people around a common goal and makes a positive impact on businesses and society.

More than half of US employees say they would be willing to take a pay cut to work at a company that shares its values. Source: Qualtrics


Nurturing inspiration and intent involves a mix of synchronous and asynchronous work, so how can your brand or business prepare for the era of Promadic Working?

Collaboration & Culture

As flexibility and remote working proliferate, workers will need new spaces – physical, digital and phygital – in which to convene and collaborate. Reconfigured, human-centric, community-building spaces will be vital.

‘Leaders that will thrive in this future will be ones who can facilitate courageous conversations, even dissent’
Gustavo Razzetti, workplace consultant, and author of Remote, Not Distant


How can your business remove physical barriers to working together, apart?

Learning & Leadership

In a future of polywork and professional power-flexing, life-long learning is a non-negotiable part of working life. Technology and flexibility offer opportunities to upskill with speed and agility.

Almost one third (29%) of Gen Z and Millennials choose employers based on learning and development opportunities. Source: Deloitte


In this new workspace, how can you help citizens to upskill?

Focus & Flow

This is a state of sustained focus, which results in a flow of creative work. It is where clarity reigns, and problems and solutions merge into quality output. The question is: how do we attain this deep work ability in a world of constant distractions?

65% of creative people need quiet to do their best work. Source: WeTransfer


How valuable is it for your brand or business to help workers tap into various states as and when necessary for the job in hand?

Rejuvenation & Resilience

Quality downtime is vital to overall productivity and wellbeing. Workers need opportunities – both in and out of the workplace – to reboot their internal systems and reclaim their creativity. Brands including McDonald’s, Nestlé and GE have all announced the introduction of mass coaching.

The global corporate wellness market is expected to reach £75.8bn ($93.4bn, €85.2bn) by 2028. Source: Grand View Research


How can your brand or business prepare for a 360-degree approach to employee wellbeing?

So how can you get
ahead of the curve?

The Future Laboratory’s services offer you the chance to stay up to date with the latest workplace research, strategically apply the trends and foresight to your business, and achieve success in 2023 and beyond.

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