UK Trend Briefing 2017 - Report

UK Trend Briefing Report:

Apply The Focus Filter, become a Civic Brand and navigate the realities of Neo-kinship.

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Our UK Trend Briefing Report 2017 explores three key macrotrends that will shape the business landscape in the months and years ahead.

In The Focus Filter, we examine how to create deep customer engagement in an age of non-stop digital distraction. We show how Civic Brands are stepping in where governments are failing to provide guidance and direction for a decentralised economy. And we unravel the complex and fluid forms of Neo-kinship that are replacing the traditional family model.

The report covers a diverse range of topics and issues to inform future strategy, from the ethics of addictive technology to future applications of chatbots and the evolution of the peer-to-peer Post-ownership Market. Backed by pertinent global research and with a keen focus on the commercial opportunities ahead, it presents invaluable insights that will spark innovation and help to future-proof your brand.

Top: Beyond by Veuve Clicquot and Fabrica, Milan. Photography by Federica Simoni
Right: Fear and Love campaign for The Design Museum, London. Image by Thomas Traum

What's inside the report

The report explores the drivers, impacts, consequences and future applications of three key macrotrends:

 : Civic Brands 

With the decline of the public sector, businesses increasingly need to communicate a real sense of purpose and create actual social change. The report examines how brands are shifting from employers to educators, profit-driven to community-driven, hierarchical to decentralised, product-led to service-led and closed to collaborative.

: The Focus Filter 

Attention has become the scarcest resource of the internet age as technology companies apply the science of persuasion with little concern for the psychological costs. The report explores the potential for brands to apply a Focus Filter to aid concentration, improve mental wellbeing and secure deep audience engagement.

: Neo-kinship 

The notion of the core social unit is changing as online relationships and increasingly sophisticated AI systems contribute to our emotional, social and economic wellbeing. The report examines the commercial opportunities and ethical responsibilities for brands in this new world order, where intimacy, trust and privacy are radically transformed.

: Toolkits 

Each macrotrend features a toolkit of practical suggestions on how to implement the report’s findings into your business strategy. From re-assessing your relationship with overlooked Just Not consumers to becoming a brand parent, the report is packed with tools to enable your business to forge successful strategies and relationships in the uncertain times ahead. 

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Presentation & Workshops

Are you looking for a quick and compelling way to share this information with your team? Or perhaps you have an event that requires a thought-leading and inspiring keynote?

We provide sharp 20-, 40- and 60-minute presentations that are delivered by our expert researchers and analysts, and feature all of the key insights from the report, to connect business leaders with the latest trends, innovations and shifts in consumer behaviour in a live, interactive environment. Our UK Trend Briefing 2018 presentation will help you to understand the forces driving industry shifts and consumer behaviour, and formulate the strategies your business needs to apply in order to remain fit for future.

We are also now offering exclusive access to all presentations in high-definition video at a discounted price. The video package features five videos: the introduction, the three macrotrends – Morality Recoded, Post-growth Society and Subconscious Commerce – and our Strategic Implications toolkit, in which our strategists explain how these macrotrends will unfold and what they mean for your brand. 


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