Trends of the Trends 2018

The Trends of the Trends

Our AI powered analysis of all the major 2018 trend reports

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With so much information being exchanged, it’s now more important than ever for businesses to navigate through the noise if they want to prosper in 2018 and beyond.

To address this, we joined forces with Quid, a San Francisco-based software platform that uses proprietary natural language processing algorithms to analyse text in different datasets and identify common themes.

We selected 23 publicly available global trends reports from leading consultancies, innovators, social platforms and market intelligence agencies (including our own Future Forecast), and fed them into a custom neural network. We then identified semantic similarities and clusters of shared information to collate and create the insight in The Trends of the Trends 2018 report. A full list of the reports we analysed can be found at the end of the report.

Top: Archive Dreaming by Refik Anadol, Istanbul
Right: RACE Robotics Lab by Ministry of Design, Singapore


What's inside the report

This report will introduce you to the trends of the trends within 10 core areas:

: AI and Automation

Our analysis suggests that artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will be a key area of focus for brands in 2018, raising questions around AI and how it will shape notions such as trust, ethics and power.

: Beauty

In terms of product innovation, beauty will become one of the most advanced sectors as nascent players, natural ingredients and new technologies shake up outmoded attitudes and heritage brands.

: Culture and Society

There will be shifting attitudes in culture and society in 2018, especially in relation to identity, access and sustainability. Beyond on-demand living, 2018 will be the year in which societies and their people re-engage.

: Data Collection and Protection

With the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being applied from May 2018, there will be more pressure on brands to mine, analyse and use data more intelligently and effectively.

: Fashion and Design

Consumers and brands re-engaging with identity will shape fashion and design in 2018, with both sectors continuing to serve as vehicles for political and cultural statements.

: Food and Drink

Notions such as clean eating will be considered passé in 2018. Instead, food and drink will embrace all things experimental, and diverge down playful and scientific paths.

: Health and Wellness

Health and wellness will tip towards inclusivity that celebrates the individual, inspiring consumers to forge their own wellness path rather than follow the directions of global brands or influencers.

: News and Journalism

5G hyper-connectivity, instant information and the ongoing battle for the truth in journalism at the forefront of 2018’s news and journalism trends.

: Technology and Innovation

The cluster of trends data presented by our analysis reveals 2018 to be the year in which every facet of our lives becomes connected by digital devices.

: Travel

Experience will remain at the heart of travel in 2018, impacting how bookings are made and destinations are chosen, and shaping the expectations of emerging tourist cohorts.

: ASOS Go Play campaign
New Museum Live, US
Westworld Set Jetting by Black Tomato


New Museum Live


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Trends of the Trends


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: Totomoxtle by Fernando Laposse, Mexico


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