Sustainability Futures Report 2017

Sustainability Futures Report

Genuinely sustainable strategies for success in the long term

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With governments failing to tackle the challenges of sustainability, consumers are increasingly looking to the corporate world for answers. But since many brands practise greenwashing rather than actually reducing their environmental impact, mistrust is high.

Brands will need to prove a deep and far-sighted commitment to sustainability in order to connect with the next generation, which knows it is no longer a choice or something nice to have.

Our Sustainability Futures Report 2017 is your guide to bringing genuine transformative change, drawing on incisive insights and inspiring case studies. It is designed to spark innovation and help your team create robust strategies for sustainable growth. We show you how you can be sustainable and profitable, and help you bring sustainability into the heart of your business, driving positive commercial change from the core. 

Top: Harvest campaign by Dutch invertuals. Photography by Lonneke Van
Left: PHLUR Fragrance. Image courtesy of PHLUR

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What's inside the report

Through consumer insights, market analysis, case studies and expert commentary, the report examines the value shifts that are turning sustainability into a must-have, before presenting the key strategies that businesses should adopt to move towards a sustainable future.

: Value Shifts

How sustainability as a box-ticking exercise in corporate social responsibility is no longer enough, the demand for extreme brand transparency and civic-mindedness from distrustful consumers, and the need for long-term planning to unlock growth potential.

: Future Strategies

These include finding a new visual language to engage younger consumers in a more uplifting vision of environmentalism, transforming infrastructure in collaboration with urban planners, politicians and legislators, tackling disposable consumption with a new approach to product aftercare, and exploring the positive sides to synthetic material development.

: Key Considerations

The report is packed with practical take-outs on how to implement the insights in your organisation, from adopting a dynamic pricing strategy to using your dead and flexible physical spaces to make an impact.




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