Retail Futures 2019 : Community Commerce
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Retail Futures Report:
Community Commerce

Insights to fuel your strategy for online success

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Has e-commerce lost sight of engagement? As Generation Z grows to be the largest group of consumers in 2019, brands and retailers need to rethink online retail in order to appeal to this digital-first demographic.

Looking beyond convenience and one-click customer journeys, our new Retail Futures report is full of insights to fuel your strategy for online success.

The report is your guide to intelligently combining online innovation with the social and emotional factors that enable people to truly connect with a brand – and each other. It features key trends, hard data, best-in-class case studies, consumer insight and an exclusive sector macrotrend, Community Commerce. Download it now and arm your team with the tools to forge a new relationship with your customers.

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What's inside the report

Market analysis, rising trends, case studies and consumer insights are combined to help you mitigate risks and seize opportunities for retail success in the years ahead. The report includes:

: Hindsight

An examination of the context that has led consumers to engage in less traditional modes of retail online. Loss of trust, the rise of re-commerce culture and the growing influence of mobile channels are all driving new behaviour and mindset shifts.

: Insight

In order to cater for a growing demand for alternative ways to access and exchange products online, retailers will have to change to keep up with a two-way exchange with consumers. Here, you’ll find the key trends that are transforming e-commerce.  

: Foresight

As retail evolves to appeal to a new generation of consumers, the role of brands and retailers will change dramatically. We map out a future defined by micro-commerce and creator-driven retail. 

: Lab Notes

The report includes practical strategies to harness the intelligence in your organisation, from combining content and commerce to fostering peer-to-peer networks.




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Retail Futures 2019 : Community Commerce


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