Retail Futures Report 2016

Retail Futures Report:
Destination Retail

From high-tech to hands-on, a range of services, delivery systems and business models are re-inventing retail in the digital era.

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Our annual Retail Futures Report is a global survey of the most exciting developments in the sector, from revolutionary digital technology to bold in-store innovations. It takes a global perspective on the retail industry, identifying the biggest opportunities and threats that businesses will face in the coming months and years.

The report contains a special feature on Destination Retail, which tracks a renaissance in physical space as it converges with other lifestyle areas, from food and drink to wellness. The report also highlights opportunities in social commerce and aggregates consumer insights from around the world to give you a competitive edge in the coming months.

Top: Meatpacking District branding designed by Base, New York
Right: Everlane Room Service

What's inside the report

: Insight Overview

The Future Laboratory’s analysis of how and why the latest retail trends are unfolding around the world and what they mean for your brand.

: Insight

As macro-economic turbulence continues to batter global markets, retail is finding clear opportunities for growth through fresh strategies, from Home Shopping 2.0 and Sub-Saharan Stars to X Factor and Channel-crossing.

: Special Feature – Destination Retail

We reveal how innovative bricks-and-mortar retail brands are launching a new offensive against their online rivals by building a strong sense of destination and location-specific experiences into their greatest asset – physical space.

: Retail Trends Rising

Using Big Data to pop the filter bubble, Smart Searches and Data Designers sit alongside Recycling Rebranded, Text Commerce and Mood Retail as the big emerging trends that will help retail brands to prosper in the year ahead.

: Retail Toolkit

Future retail strategies including Total Retail Time, the S&D Factor and Long-term Platforms are outlined in a step-by-step guide to position your brand for success in the Turbulent Teens.

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Retail Futures Report 2016


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Maya Draisin, associate publisher and head of marketing, Wired USA


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