New Consumer Summit Report 2016

Consumer Summit Report

The innovators, early adopters and tribes shaping trends for 2017 and beyond

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Our annual report on the new consumer is your definitive guide to future-proofing your brand to meet the demands of the next generation. With today’s teenagers increasingly embracing authenticity and insisting on a post-body mindset, brands are at risk of looking and sounding out of touch.

Use this report to learn about this new generation’s behaviour and how it is influencing the attitudes of Millennials, Baby Boomers and Generation Xers. Prepare to adapt to new global industry shifts and trends that are set to affect your business in the next 3–5 years.

Top: Watermelon Sugar by Pamm Hong
Right: Watermelon Sugar by Pamm Hong

What's inside the report

Global market insights, key trends, case studies and consumer tribes are all combined in our annual report to provide an invaluable framework for understanding the future consumer. The report includes:

: Insight Overview

The Future Laboratory’s analysis of how Generation D is coming of age and challenging long established marketing practices, notions of luxury and traditional metrics of success.

: Market Insight

We shine a spotlight on six key markets where there are fresh opportunities for growth in advertising, recruitment, food and drink, e-commerce, fashion and beauty.

: Trends Rising

We examine 14 of the most influential emerging trends, including how brands are engaging with Generation D’s hacker approach to education, and why their New Bricolage outlook is breaking down traditional cultural borders.

: The New Consumer Toolkit

We explain how to apply our insights to your strategic thinking. Our step-by-step guide looks at everything from new ways to communicate with consumers to how to create a successful cross-sector collaboration.

Elise by Olsen, case study from LS:N Global’s Gen Viz Tribe

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Presentation & Workshops

Looking for a quick and compelling way to share this information with your team? Or perhaps you have an event that requires a thought-leading and inspiring keynote?

We provide sharp 20-, 40- and 60-minute presentations, delivered by our expert researchers and analysts, taking the key insights from the report, to connect business leaders with the latest trends, innovations and consumer behaviour in a live and interactive environment. 

‘The Future Laboratory’s presentation did exactly what we wanted it to – offer a glimpse of even further ahead, in a compelling and engaging way, to prepare for what brands need next.’

Maya Draisin, associate publisher and head of marketing, Wired USA

Image Credit: Tekla Technology Festival, Sweden


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