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The Transformative Twenties delves into the death of purpose, the rise of selfishness and the push towards a solitary sensuality that borders on the narcissistic.

This new decade will unleash a wave of transformation unlike any other before it. The three macrotrends in our first ever macrotrend report collection – Pleasure Revolution, Enlightened States and Post-purpose Brands – provide insight into the experiences, brands and consumer behaviours that will transform the next decade.

Exploring each Macrotrend through the lens of hindsight, insight and foresight, we are examining our brands, our experiences and ourselves in a whole new light.

Download all three macrotrend reports from The Transformative Twenties collection separately or as a 360-degree collection to help future-proof your business.

Are you ready to transform at pace and reset everything you know in order to make it to 2030?


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Homepage: ASMR Earth project by Onesal
Header image: Wavepaths, photography by Mathias de Lattre, London



Consumer 2030 : Pleasure Revolution

How will we break free from the cult of optimisation?

Facing a medley of expectations, consumers are realising that the self-actualising activities they have bought into are mentally and physically draining. We are now entering a period of reflection, selfishness and solitude in which intensified notions of achievement are proving counter-productive, and consumers are now pressing pause.

This report takes a detailed look at the societal and behavioural shifts affecting consumers globally. From the celebration of Slacker Culture to the allure of the Homebody Economy, we unearth insights for brands in sectors such as wellness, leisure and the workplace. Discover why we must untangle guilt around free time, upend modern work rituals and champion the post-capitalist act of opting out.

In the Pleasure Revolution report we reveal trends such as:

: Vanity Redefined
: Homebody Economy
: Slacker Culture
: Serendipitous Living
: Neo-pleasure
: Practical Boredom

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Image credit: Introversion Immersion by Tim Fishlock




Experience 2030 : Enlightened States

What will the experience economy of tomorrow look like?

Consumers are tiring of photogenic pop-ups, immersive events and mass tourism as a form of social currency. In the next decade the focus will shift to places, processes and practices that cultivate quiet, intimacy and introspection, with consumers seeking to balance their emotional, physical and spiritual states.

This trend explores how brands can create meaningful opportunities to ground and re-orientate consumers in a fast-changing world. From Psychonautic Therapy to Neuromedia, we examine the shifts redefining entertainment and leisure, as well as health and wellness. Find out how the concept of experience as a form medicine will drive a new age of self-discovery and enlightenment.

In the Enlightened States report we reveal trends such as:

: Meditative Museums
: Neuromedia
: Psychonautic Therapy
: Haptic Intimacy
: Transformation Trips
: Urban Rewilding

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Image credit: Sonos speaker in collaboration with Hay



Brand 2030 : Post-purpose Brands

Can purpose be transformed into impact?

Brands are on the brink of a post-purpose era as consumers challenge hypocrisies in messaging, product and brand behaviour. At the same time, a generation of entrepreneurial activists are becoming workers, shareholders and boardroom members, reshaping brands in their image by promoting a culture of continual regeneration.

In this report, we examine how future brands will combine customer feedback, internal company culture and data to deliver consistent improvement. Get to know the Sacrificial Brands setting strict environmental business goals, alongside the rise of Problem Evolving strategies that utilise insights to enhance and advance business operations. And as technology progresses, learn how 5G will allow brands to serve and support the public more intuitively.

In the Post-purpose Brands report we reveal trends such as:

: Sacrificial Brands
: Future Imperfect
: Habit Purveyors
: Omni-present Branding
: Problem-evolving
: Emo-algorithms

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