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Where will luxury thrive in the decade ahead? As hyper-connectivity makes new experiences and cultures even easier to access for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs), luxury brands and hospitality pioneers will break free from conformist brand archetypes, embarking on new adventures by their side

In our new Luxury & Hospitality Futures report, we reveal the latest insights, statistics and global case studies shaping a multi-faceted future of elevated living, from immersive audio formats and homely boutiques to Michelin-starred chefs transforming the humble B&B into gastronomic getaways.

The report also includes our new sector macrotrend, Liberation Luxury, alongside easy-to-implement strategies that will help you and your team intelligently harness these trends in order to seamlessly integrate into luxury consumers’ increasingly curious lifestyles.

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What's inside the report

Market analysis, rising trends, case studies and consumer insights are combined to help you mitigate risks and seize opportunities for luxury brand and hospitality success in the years ahead. The report includes:


The drivers behind HNW consumers’growing desire for more flexible, liberated living. Misdirected advertising, a new generation of globally minded luxurians and affluent urban upheaval are each driving new behavioural shifts.


As wealthy consumers embrace untethered lifestyles, luxury brands are stepping into spaces once considered mundane to deliver highly curated, intimate and localised experiences. In this section, we’ll reveal the six emerging trends set to shape new directions in luxury and hospitality.

: Foresight

Looking forward to the decade ahead, unbound luxurians’ lifestyles will be elevated through hyper-personalised, discovery-driven luxury experiences built from a combination of human needs and shared data.

: Lab Notes

To conclude, The Future Laboratory shares practical strategies to harness these trends, from exploring the untapped spaces where luxury experiences can thrive, to examining more inclusive and considerate campaigns.



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