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Luxury Futures Report:
Transcendent Wealth

Navigate the changing luxury landscape in the age of Transcendent Wealth.

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As the markers of luxury evolve to transcend the physical trappings of wealth, political and economic upheaval are creating a new set of financial and logistical challenges for prestige brands to face.

Our Luxury Futures Report is your guide to navigating this changing landscape, equipped with the knowledge of the key rising trends shaping the sector.

Covering diverse topics from Serene Hospitality to Meme Culture, the report will arm your team with the tools to build strategies that engage the new luxurians. Packed with pertinent market insights and best-in-class case studies, our Luxury Futures Report opens new opportunities for growth within and beyond the stalwart markets of America and Europe.

Top: Arctic Paper by Zeitguised and JUNO, Sweden
Right: Novelty store by Anagrama, Mexico

What's inside the report

Global market analysis, rising trends, case studies and consumer insights are combined to provide a road map for innovators to navigate the future of luxury.

: Market insights

A study of the current and future shape of the luxury sector, from the impact of the strong dollar on global spending to the behavioural changes among young affluent Chinese consumers. The report examines the emerging markets of Sub-Saharan Africa, Vietnam, Iran and Mexico, and explores Geo-political Manufacturing as a means for luxury brands to make a statement.

: Focus

We examine the challenges and opportunities of the Post-Brexit Landscape, show how luxury brands are embracing Meme Culture to capture the attention of Millennials, and see how and where the next wave of ultra-high-net-worth-individuals will be spending their wealth. We also trace the rise of online luxury resale, get to know Mexico’s Luxurians and reveal new developments in Luxury AI and high-tier commercial air travel.

: Special Feature: Transcendent Wealth

The new markers of luxury will move from the physical to the experiential realm to include health, philanthropy and even legacies. Meanwhile, products, rather than being viewed as inherently superficial, will be imbued with more meaning than before.

: Luxury Trends Rising

Adulting Ads that show growing up is complicated, Conscious Aftercare of luxury garments, the selling of silence via Serene Hospitality, Gentrified Gaming as a dynamic platform to engage HNWIs, and new developments in Virtual Spending as we rush towards becoming a cash-free society.

: Toolkits

Practical recommendations for implementing the report’s insights in your organisation, from getting locality right when making new connections to tips on using artificial intelligence to enhance the luxury experience.

: Hotel Torre de Madrid by Hayonstudio, Madrid. Photography by Klunderbie

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Luxury Futures Report 2017


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‘The Future Laboratory’s presentation did exactly what we wanted it to – offer a glimpse of even further ahead in a compelling and engaging way to prepare for what brands need next’

Maya Draisin, associate publisher and head of marketing, Wired

In this multisection presentation we introduce you to the brands, products, services and trends that are making waves in the luxury sector. We provide you with the facts, statistics and expert foresight that enable you to future-proof your products, and equip you with the strategic knowledge needed to develop new market opportunities.

The accompanying PDF report for 2018/2019  enables you to share all content with your strategy, marketing, insight and new product development teams.


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