Health & Wellness Futures Report : Conscious Deceleration

Health & Wellness Futures Report:
Conscious Deceleration

The new metrics for health and wellness

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Wellness has been in accelerator mode but the sector has fallen victim to an unhealthy narrative. With anxiety levels skyrocketing, in 2019 wellness brands will need to rethink their strategy to ensure that they are effectively addressing this collective burnout.

As the desire among Millennials and Generation Z to slow down grows, the insights in our new Health & Wellness Futures report will help you to better understand the future of this burgeoning sector. It is packed with key trends, case studies and consumer insight as well as our latest sector focus macrotrend, Conscious Deceleration.

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What's inside the report

This report will offer you market analysis, rising trends, case studies and actionable consumer insights to help you carve out your path for wellness success in the years ahead. The report includes:

: Hindsight

We examine the key factors that have contributed to consumers consciously seeking out a slower pace of living. Wellness excess, slow living and the overwhelming nature of performance culture are all providing the foundations for this shift in consumer behaviour.

: Insight

As consumers realise that the pursuit of wellness has been complicit in our collective burnout, brands will have to focus on slowing down and promoting a more measured, long-term approach. In this section, we have collated all the key trends that are transforming health, wellness and fitness.

: Foresight

As consumers continue to decelerate in the future, they will look for brands to create moments of calm in everyday life. We unpack how this will play out in the future, defined by trends like meditative spaces and intuitive platforms.

: Lab Notes

The report includes practical strategies to harness the intelligence in your organisation, from how to use technology more mindfully to tailoring your measuring to be less stress-inducing.

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Health & Wellness Futures : Conscious Deceleration


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