Future Forecast 2020
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Future Forecast 2020

50 consumer trends that will define the coming year


New 2020 Report

As we prepare to leave the Tumultuous Teens behind and enter a decade that promises to be even more disruptive, it’s essential to be equipped with the foresight needed to hit the ground running.

Our Future Forecast 2020 edition raises the bar higher than ever before. We explore how people will seek brands that align with their own personal missions, be it through activism, open and honest dialogue, long-term sustainable thinking, co-creativity or experiential escape.

In the report, we examine 50 new behavioural patterns across 10 key consumer sectors, alongside expert opinion pieces and interviews with global innovators. The coming decade will be the most transformative yet, so get planning. Download the Future Forecast 2020 report now.

Image credits: The Tide brand identity by Droga5 London

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What's inside the report

Our Foresight researchers have identified five key trends for each sector. Here’s a snapshot of what you will discover in the Future Forecast 2020 report:

: Beauty

Beauty brands will focus on innovation in inclusivity, usability and sustainability in 2020, in line with shifting consumer expectations and demands. As consumers go to war on waste, we can expect a surge in companies introducing Refined Refillable products. We’ll also witness a new age of inclusive and Adaptive Beauty, as brands introduce innovations such as mascara wands for people with limited dexterity and sun lotions for specific skin types.

: Luxury

Luxury consumers will continue their quest for life-enriching, community-based experiences and more sustainable models of consumption in 2020, as a backlash against ostentatious spending gathers speed. Brands will tap into this mindset while protecting their image through Pre-loved Premium buy-back schemes and peer-to-peer trading platforms. Similarly, high-end car enthusiasts will demonstrate their cultural nous through membership to Supercar Clubs that offer luxury experiences beyond the driving seat.

: Travel & Hospitality

The freneticism of 21st-century living is leading to a slow travel revolution as people seek to make more mindful journeys that include elements of self-improvement. Therefore, we’ll see hotels champion Literary Escapes that encourage meditative reading, while quieter destinations will attract travellers exhausted by over-tourism. As consumers travel with their carbon emissions in mind, 2020 will be the year of the Superior Staycation as air travel loses its prestige.

: Food

As more and more consumers dine alone, brands are creating new experiences, flavours and products that aim to reinvigorate consumers’ palates. Diners looking for immersive eatertainment restaurants and cross-cultural food will embrace Discovery Dining, while Epicurean Chocolate aims to shock taste buds across the globe. Meanwhile, Alon Chen, CEO and co-founder of Tastewise, explains how AI can track food trends in real time.

: Retail

As online retail continues to grow and companies such as Amazon maintain their dominance of the landscape, consumers will be more concerned about the impact of their purchases than ever before. In 2020, innovative retailers will work to reduce the carbon footprint through Eco-logistics that make deliveries better for the planet, while circular economy models will see Secondary Waste Retail come to the fore, with both businesses and consumers elevating unwanted resources.

: Drink

In 2020, the health of both consumers and planet will dominate the drinks category. In New-wave Aperitifs we highlight the opportunities in the art of sipping, while brands experiment with eco-friendly alternatives to plastic bottles. We also show how Coffee Connoisseurs are slashing the carbon footprint of the ever-popular caffeinated drink and explore the emerging Chinese coffee market.

: Youth

In the coming decade, Generation Z will come into their own, seeking empowerment, humour and inclusivity from every brand they interact with. In the media landscape, Everyteen TV is gaining momentum as lo-fi YouTubers attract large followings of young people searching for honesty amid online fakery. We explore how Young Believers are seeking spirituality, with US churches gaining impressive celebrity and Instagram followings, and Beano Studios reveals how your brand can prepare for Generation Alpha.

: Media & Tech

As technology continues to encroach on everyday life, consumers are seeking to regain control. We highlight the Civic Ads popping up in our cities, as consumers call for advertising with purpose. As mistrust continues to flourish in the technology field, we’ll see an increase in Privacy Hardware that enables people to block how their information and data is shared. Meanwhile, we speak to Xiaowei Wang, who explores the future of technology and the workplace in rural China. 

: Fashion

In 2020, the fashion industry will have to confront the continuing agenda of over-consumption, clothing going to landfill and sustainability issues. We’ll examine how this is being manifest, from the increase in popularity of clothing rental, which is hitting the high street in the form of Fast Fashion Rental, to how science and luxury fashion are blending to create next-generation Conscious Fur, where animal pelts are swapped for alternative microfibres that draw on biotech.

: Health & Wellness

In 2020, people will continue to appreciate that many of our modern health woes stem from mental and emotional instability. As a result, we will witness an increase in convenient, technology-based Modern Therapy – mental healthcare that’s flexible, affordable and increasingly digital. Healthcare will also be available to people in the places they frequent. For example, automotive manufacturers and ride-share companies are exploring the potential of Health-conscious Cars, with vehicles becoming a new space for wellbeing practices and support.

Image credits: Plenaire, The Wait by Six N. Five, Neo-fruit by Meydan Levy, Smartly by Target, Nike AGC Collection, Beosound, Pills by Studio Johannes Bauer

3. Plenaire - BEAUTY

1. The Wait by Six N. Five - LUXURY

4. Neo-fruit by Meydan Levy  - FOOD-1

Smartly by Target - RETAIL

Nike AGC Collection - YOUTH

Beosound 1- MEDIA & TECH

2. Pills by Studio Johannes Bauer - HEALTH & WELLNESS


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Future Forecast 2020

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