Food & Drink Futures Report 2016

Food & Drink Futures Report:
Convenience Culture

Find out what you will be eating, drinking and serving in the next 3–5 years

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Our annual report on the global food & drink industry is your definitive guide to future-proofing your brand in this rapidly evolving sector.

Learn how to benefit from the new cross-sector consumer mindset happening in food and drink, as well as the new global industry shifts and trends that are set to affect your business in the next 3–5 years.

Top: Fog Point Vodka by Hangar 1 Vodka and FogQuest, San Francisco
RightDistillery Botanica, New South Wales

What's inside the report

Global market insights, key trends, case studies and consumer tribes are all combined in our annual report to provide an invaluable framework for navigating the future of food & drink. The report includes:

: Insight Overview

The Future Laboratory’s analysis of how and why the latest food & drink trends are unfolding around the world, and what they will mean for your brand.

: Market Insight

The new face of the global food & drink market, featuring exciting new developments that range from Emerging Appetites to Next Wave Coffee, Sophisticated Sodas to Alternatives Abound.

: Special Feature, Convenience Culture

Our special report examines the rebranding and renaissance of fast food culture, which is no longer about frozen or deep fried snacks. 

: Food & Drink Trends Rising

Countertop Connoisseurs, Gastronomy Fetish, Delivery-only Dining, Regenerative Consumption and Culinary Diplomacy – these are the five major trends that brands need to be aware of to ensure success in the years ahead.

: Food & Drink Toolkit

A step-by-step exploration of five key food & drink brand strategies for the future by Rachele Simms, senior strategist at The Future Laboratory, including Considered Consumption, Food Legacies and Sensory-social Culture.

Image Credit: Experimental Gastronomy by Steinbeisser, Amsterdam

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Food & Drink Futures Report 2016


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Presentation & Workshops

Are you looking for a quick and compelling way to share this information with your team? Or perhaps you have an event that requires a thought-leading and inspiring keynote?

We provide sharp 20-, 40- and 60-minute presentations, which are delivered by our expert researchers and analysts, and feature all of the key insights from the report, to connect business leaders with the latest trends, innovations and shifts in consumer behaviour in a live, interactive environment. Our Food and Drink Futures presentations will help you to understand why recent shifts in consumer behaviour are forcing many to rethink the category, and what strategies your business needs to apply in order to remain fit for the future.

‘The Future Laboratory’s presentation did exactly what we wanted it to – offer a glimpse of even further ahead in a compelling and engaging way to prepare for what brands need next’ – Maya Draisin, associate publisher and head of marketing, Wired

*Image Credit: Tekla Technology Festival, Sweden


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