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Beauty Futures:
Bio-positive Beauty Report

Traceable supply chains and condensed routines are in high demand as beauty moves from zero to positive impact

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The beauty and wellness industry is moving beyond an individualistic mindset as curious consumers choose to educate themselves about the benefits of particular ingredients and the effect they have on the planet. 

In our new Beauty Futures report, we reveal the latest insights, statistics and global case studies shaping a multi-faceted future of elevated living. We explore trends such as Acne Positivity skincare and Shaving Rebranded.

We also introduce Bio-positive Beauty, our new macrotrend that examines beauty consumers’ evolving expectations about sustainability. Looking ahead to the new decade, brands will begin their shift away from misleading buzzwords and hyped ingredients towards a more sustainable industry that considers tomorrow’s eco-system.

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What's inside the report

Packed with key trends, case studies and consumer insight, Beauty Futures 2019 will help your brand proactively lead the way. The report includes:

Trends Rising

Encompassing packaging, cosmetics, haircare and skincare, these are the seven trends beauty brands must acquaint themselves with in 2020.

: Macrotrend: Bio-positive Beauty

Beauty consumers are demanding short, traceable supply chains and condensed routines as the mindset in the beauty industry shifts from zero impact to positive impact.


From secretive supply chains to unregulated terminology, the beauty sector is facing a backlash from consumers who are seeking honesty, efficacy and simplicity. 


Traceability and sustainability are becoming tenets of beauty consumers’ daily regimens, driving greater focus on local ingredients and carbon-offsetting initiatives.

: Foresight

Tomorrow’s beauty brands will borrow technological innovations from beyond the sector to amplify our everyday sustainable practices.

: Lab Notes

The report includes practical strategies to harness the intelligence in your organisation, from empowering the positive mindset to developing a hybrid approach to beauty.

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Beauty Futures Report


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