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Sustainability as a one-solution label has been co-opted, but its definition still rings true for what humans are trying to achieve: the ability to maintain an ecological balance.

To make headway, brands and consumers must widen their lens to focus not just on the environment, but also on the social and economic imperatives that make up the trinity of sustainable futures.

This presentation cuts through the fog of confusion and reveals the journey we’re on as citizens, industry experts and brands. It demystifies sustainability with a practical step-by-step toolkit for your own business to follow, packed with tangible strategic opportunities. Finally, it presents three new inter-generational speculative scenarios as inspiration for how to plan for the carbon-conscious consumer behaviours of the 2030s.

Your team will access strategic directions to give more weight to long-term thinking, social and environmental credentials, and proactive, preventative consumerism.

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Right: After Climate by Odion Tobi, Lagos

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PANGAIA Horizon Capsule featuring EONs Digital Passport

In this presentation

Sustainability analysis across key markets, case studies and consumer insights combined to help you understand and grasp business success in the years ahead. The presentation also includes:

: Drivers

Understanding the context behind sustainability has never been more important. Eco-anxious adults are challenging government roadmaps, while greenwashing brands race towards B Corp status.

: Opportunities

The sustainability journey is one of continual reflection and improvement. Rather than a quick fix, it’s a long-term process that must exist well beyond the lifecycle of your brand. Our toolkit of opportunities, case studies and strategic actions will highlight where your brand is that journey.

: Strategic Actions

As the climate crisis takes hold, the year 2030 can seem intimidating to both citizens and brands. We use Scenario Planning to interrogate the future, helping to create active orientation and a forward- looking way of thinking to determine the steps we can take today.

: PANGAIA Horizon Capsule featuring EON's Digital Passport

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