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The metaverse has been threatening to explode for over a decade, but pandemic-fuelled digital acceleration has finally tipped the scales in its favour.

With a bandwagon led by Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the metaverse is gaining momentum and heralded as something much more profound and powerful than just another iteration of the world ‘wild’ web.  

But as the virtual land grabs begin, how can we ensure this hyper-immersive, world-changing frontier is built and governed in the right way rather than dominated by big tech?  

Our new Betterverse Building presentation helps businesses tap into this digital space, understand its massive potential and explore why we need to build a Betterverse – a metaverse that stands for equitability, inclusion, representation, accessibility, transformation, and personal and planetary betterment. 

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In this presentation

A vain ideal or a new way that we’ll broker betterment as next-generation netizens come of age? In this presentation you’ll find out, as we tackle the metaverse’s impact on the following core pillars and more:

: Inclusitivity

As more citizens and companies populate the metaverse, they will engage diverse voices and pave a path for representation and inclusion in this new iteration of the internet, with increased inclusivity an inherent benefit of immersive, virtual environments. 

: Education

In the next decade platforms will harness meta-technology to transform how we learn, educating multi-generational citizens and preparing them for a future of self-directed knowledge and life-long learning.


Already, brands are looking beyond fleeting initiatives to develop creative, adaptive and interactive virtual environments that foster long-term engagement, loyalty, personal transformation and entirely new ways of engaging with products and services. 

: Purpose

Organisations, designers and citizens are partnering to harness the power of the metaverse and its evolving digital economy to address once-in-a-generation challengesfrom the climate crisis to the struggle for social justice – and communicate these efforts to customers in innovative new ways.  

: Value

The metaverse will transform the economics of creativity, empowering a new generation of creators through more equitable value exchanges, while businesses eschew top-down hierarchies in favour of collective ownership.  

: Nike’s virtual 720 Air Store


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: Carolina Carballo for The Future Laboratory


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