Material Far Futures 2018 : Report

Material Far Futures Report

From the transformative to the transient:
the shape of future materials

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From fabrics that generate power through motion to food packaging that understands its contents, the materials of tomorrow will be smarter, stronger, more dynamic and less ecologically damaging. The field of material science is bursting with potential for brands ready to harness its innovations and respond to consumer demand by stepping up as environmental stewards.

Our Material Far Futures Report draws on expert interviews and unique research to examine the new markets and product types that will emerge over the coming months and years. Inspiring case studies include BMW’s and MIT’s complex, inflatable silicone rubber forms that can morph and move on their own, and Puma’s and MIT’s Deep Learning Insoles that can improve an athlete’s performance through real-time biofeedback.

Material Far Futures designed by Studio Brasch for The Future Laboratory

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What's inside the report

The leading research, case studies and prototypes in material science are broken down into 10 key paradigms that brands need to think about in order to future-proof their supply chain and create tomorrow’s category-leading products:

:  Programmable

The ability to change shape on demand will offer designers the opportunity to create a new generation of products and interiors that adapt to shifting context or user preference.

:  Transformative

Innovators are using material science to turn environmental excess into valuable new resources.

:  Self-healing

Materials with the ability to repair themselves will not only increase product lifespans but also allow them to operate effectively in hostile environments. 

:  Genetically engineered

Innovators are looking to manipulate biological systems in order to grow a new generation of materials that can be controlled at a molecular level.

:  Indicative

Materials that give previously dumb surfaces communicative potential will allow consumers to use products and produce more efficiently.

:  Generative

This class of materials’ ability to generate energy in response to movement will enable them to autonomously power localised systems and devices.

:  Purifying

Employing materials that have the ability to filter out environmental hazards will be key to creating pollution free habitats.

:  Transient

A new generation of limited-lifespan materials will significantly reduce one-use packaging’s impact on the planet. 

:  Augmented

Traditional construction materials are being reengineered to enhance their properties and reduce their environmental impact.

:  Analytical

The ability to create materials that can track an array of different data metrics will improve utility for both brands and users alike.





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Material Futures 2018 Report


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: Material Far Futures designed by Studio Brasch for The Future Laboratory


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