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A new take on innovation in this century of disruption.

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For too long, innovation has been synonymous with technology. We are beginning to realise that it is time for digital technology to take a supporting role, and to put humans centre stage in our innovation strategies.

The Innovators’ Toolkit Report draws on The Future Laboratory’s wealth of research and thinking, and the insights and observations of a string of global experts, to consider anew what it means to be an innovator in this century of disruption.

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What's inside the report

Global market analysis, key trends, case studies and consumer insights are combined in our annual report to provide a road map for navigating the future of the luxury sector with poise and power.


The report starts with a reframing of the role of technology in innovation strategy, and a call to focus on solving people’s problems, using technology as a tool.

:Global Macro Trends

We ask why the unstoppable tide of consumer data and analytical tools is not translating into predictable innovation success, and shed light on the Identity Paradox of digitally savvy consumers and the Creativity Hurdle that brands must overcome.

:Six Key Strategies for Successful Innovation

In a reframing of received knowledge, we isolate six strategies for brands to follow when seeking innovation, not as an end in itself but as the key to escape from the status quo.

:Best-in-class Case Studies, Expert Insights

Throughout the report, case studies of companies that successfully innovate are used to show how to put the ideas into practice, and insights from business influencers and academics shed light on possible ways forward.


The report contains practical tools and advice to successfully implement its theories and insights in your organisation’s innovation strategy, effecting meaningful change.

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Presentation & Workshops

Are you looking for a quick and compelling way to share this information with your team? Or perhaps you have an event that requires a thought-leading and inspiring keynote?

We provide sharp 20-, 40- and 60-minute presentations, which are delivered by our expert researchers and analysts, and feature all of the key insights from the report, to connect business leaders with the latest trends, innovations and shifts in consumer behaviour in a live, interactive environment. 

‘The Future Laboratory’s presentation did exactly what we wanted it to – offer a glimpse of even further ahead in a compelling and engaging way to prepare for what brands need next’

Maya Draisin, associate publisher and head of marketing, Wired


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