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Individuals are using fitness trackers and instantaneous online advice to take control of their own health. As this fuels a move away from the traditional doctor-patient relationship, wellness brands are increasingly becoming an integral part of the conversation. Our Health and Wellness Futures Report is your guide to maximising opportunities and overcoming challenges in this rapidly evolving sector, as health and wellness converge. 

The report unpacks the key trends, consumer shifts and new technologies that are shaping health and wellness, and looks ahead at the exciting possibilities for the future. It will inspire your team to build strategies that provide a clear path to tangible health results. And considering ethical responsibilities, it delivers insights to help create Whole-System Wellness.


What's inside the report

The report combines rising trends, consumer insights and key technological innovations, as well as best-in-class case studies.


The healthcare implications of extended life expectancy and falling poverty levels; consumers reaching Peak Wellness and seeking a more scientific, medically assured approach; increasing Trust in Technology and declining trust in traditional healthcare; the Wellness sector’s obligation to address the Equality Imbalance.


The shift from an individualistic mindset to Whole-system Wellness; the increasing impact of wellness on placemaking; consumers shunning the doctor’s surgery in favour of instantaneous health advice online; the use of AI in the next-generation of health-tracking devices; people taking control of and monetising their own health-related data; the use of tech to address disparities in health and wellness infrastructure.

: Foresight

Addressing bias in healthcare data; the evolution of health monitoring beyond wearables towards biodesign that facilitates Intuitive Feedback; biohacking and the Internet of Things creating the potential for genetic architecture that grows and responds to its inhabitants’ needs.

: Lab Notes

The report includes practical strategies to harness the intelligence within your organisation, from boosting technology with AI to making wellness work for everyone.



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Health and Wellness Futures Report


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