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As real-world uprisings rage on and our journey to the metaverse accelerates, global consumers are busy forming new types of alliance. Losing their sense of individualism, they are engaging in new forms of collective thinking, doing and consuming.

As our new macrotrend presentation reveals, brands will need to change from sellers to coordinators, blurring the boundaries between how we define a company, a community and a collective.

‘To rebuild collapsing systems, citizens are wasting no time in forming alliances, recognising that individual action is ineffective when compared to the capabilities of collective bodies, skills and imaginations,’ says Holly Friend, deputy foresight editor, The Future Laboratory.

Our Neo-collectivism presentation helps businesses tap into these community spaces, understand their massive potential and explore why we need to prepare for a neo-collectivist future. 

Image credit: Sam Miles for The Future Laboratory



In this presentation

What’s the future of community? It’s the question brands have been asking for decades. In this presentation, we unpack how communities are dispersing power from central organisations – and what this means for brands

Our Neo-collectivism presentation shows that community is a more valuable resource than ever. It unveils the consumer behaviours and trends shaping the future of care, commerce and community. We also reflect on how brands can genuinely place collectivism at the heart of their products, campaigns and workforces. The presentation also covers:

: Drivers

As our collective priorities move from immediate Covid-19 concerns to larger social, planetary and technological inequalities, people are exchanging individual desires and demands for group consensus.

: Insight

Neo-collectivism is not only motivating consumers to create their own systems of commerce, care and community, but leading brands and organisations to reconfigure their own anatomies too.

: Foresight

As collectivism becomes a fundamental principle of the 2030s, citizens will co-exist with brands, families and Web3 communities in new ways.


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Image credit: Sam Miles for The Future Laboratory

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