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As rapid technological advancement and always-on culture proliferate globally, the culture of gaming is becoming increasingly mainstream. The wider world is having an impact on gaming, but equally, gaming is affecting the wider world.

Our new Gaming Futures presentation helps businesses face the challenges of an increasingly anxious and connected audience in need for therapeutic, fluid and personalised gaming experiences.

Your team can explore the massive potential of digital therapies, extended realities, elastic content and augmented identities, along with the emergence of the ethical considerations that comes with the democratisation of the gaming culture.

Top: Day Zero by Puma and Central Saint Martins
Right: Nike’s virtual 720 Air Store

OVERVIEW Nike’s virtual 720 Air Store-1
PRESENTATION Nike’s virtual 720 Air Store 2

In this presentation

: Driving Forces

We explore emerging driving forces, from the realisation of the invasiveness of modern technology to the emergence of learning as one of the key parameters providing a clear functional benefit to services and interactions.

: Trends Rising

We reveal the key rising trends shaping the future of gaming. These include the anxiety phenomenon that drives a need for an equilibrium between mental resilience and digital enjoyment; the opportunity to expend and enhance players’ reality as game touchpoints will no longer be limited to any solid matter; a greater elasticity in the expression of the self and relationships with others through gaming; and the new maker community that build together, while always emphasising creativity.

: Toolkit

We offer a series of practical take-outs on how your team can implement these future strategies within your organisation, from thinking about micro-opportunities for more purpose-driven gaming experiences to considering collaborative options as part of the learning economy.

: Nike’s virtual 720 Air Store

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