The Transformative Twenties:
Enlightened States

How to enrich the experience of the individual

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The experience economy is pivoting towards personal transformation as the public imagination looks inwards, favouring self-discovery over shared spectacle.

As consumers tire of photogenic pop-ups, immersive events and mass tourism as a form of social currency, Enlightened States explores how the experience economy is set to become more introspective and personal in the next decade, with consumers seeking new ways to explore their ever-changing selves. 

This presentation will help your brand to reconsider its role in the life of consumers by moving beyond transactional relationships, exploring new ways to help individuals simplify their lives, and looking at how to position your products and services as holistic tools that support wellbeing. It features key trends, hard data, best-in-class case studies and consumer insight. Book this presentation to be delivered in-house or virtually and, as a consumer-facing brand, inspire your team to establish impactful new strategies.

Top: Nik Mirus, Tokyo
Right: FULU by Ryo Tada. Image by Deo Suveera

FULU by Ryo Tada. Image by Deo Suveera

In this presentation

: Hindsight

A combination of the internet, a booming leisure market and low-cost travel means that experiences have become commodities to be consumed and displayed. We explore how the focus is shifting away from social currency and towards personal value.

: Insight

As the experience economy becomes increasingly introspective, this section reveals how it will offer unique opportunities to stimulate and support a range of emotions and states of mind.

: Foresight

The experiences of tomorrow will cultivate a more resilient sense of self, providing intuitive ways to grapple with personal, political and societal challenges.

: Q&A Session and Toolkits

To conclude, The Future Laboratory shares practical strategies to harness these trends, from overhauling the influencer industry with a force-for-good approach to championing human interaction as a future marker of aspiration.

: Wavepaths, photography by Mathias de Lattre

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You can book this presentations separately, or as part of The Transformative Twenties macrotrend presentation collection, which also includes Pleasure Revolution and Post-purpose Brands. Get in touch to find out more about our presentations.

: Nik Mirus, Tokyo

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