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Reformation Generation

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Marking a new era of collaboration between brands and Generation Z, opportunities are arising to re-assemble, decentralise and decolonise our outdated societal systems

In this presentation, we explore how the institutions that have traditionally held society together – education, business, government and the mass media – no longer hold the power of governance they once did, leaving Generation Z to step in.

Moving quickly from a period of inertia to one of great transformation, the Covid-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter uprising have lit a collective spark of possibility. In the face of mass youth unemployment rates, educational catastrophes and the spiralling global climate emergency, traditional systems haven’t been agile enough to cope with such seismic change.

This presentation will help your brand to establish a new approach that is defined by collaboration and decentralisation, inviting Gen Z along as allies. Businesses must be ready to assist Generation Z in their grand re-assembly of society at large.

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Image credit above: Homecoming and Browns 2020, Nigeria
Right: Made in China Stickers at Huaqiangbei Electronics Market, Shenzhen, for Logic magazine


In this presentation

: Hindsight

Coming of age in a global crisis, Generation Z are making the most of the situation by questioning current systems, reforming the career ladder and eschewing mainstream media.

: Insight

As this generation create decentralised places and spaces to express their opinions and challenge the online and offline status quo, brands are helping them on their mission.

: Foresight

In the 2030s the instigators of the Reformation Generation will redefine the home, decolonise currencies and seek ownership over the brands and products they consume.

: Q&A Session and Toolkits

To conclude, our strategic foresight researchers share practical strategies to harness these trends, from overhauling the influencer industry with a force-for-good approach to championing human interaction as a future marker of aspiration.

: Six handcrafted works of art made from shoe scraps by Allbirds in collaboration with Chinatown Market

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