The Transformative Twenties:
Pleasure Revolution

How to engage with future consumers

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With every second of our free time colonised by the cult of busyness, future consumers will turn away from a life of relentless productivity and shift their focus from enhancement to enjoyment.

Enjoyment will become a political act against the mechanisms of capitalism. We can now expect to see a more gracious approach to consumerism – where pleasure, inactivity and the desire to live ordinarily are as equally valid.

This presentation will help your brand to engage with consumers by tapping into cultural micro-shifts, decoupling self-worth from aspiration, and championing the anti-striver and the slacker. It features key trends, hard data, best-in-class case studies and consumer insight. Book this presentation to be delivered in-house or virtually and, as a consumer-facing brand, inspire your team to establish impactful new strategies.

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In this presentation

: Hindsight

Caught in a whirlwind of perfectionism, side hustles and an endless quest for optimisation, we explore how consumers are pressing pause and reconsidering their part in the capitalist system.

: Insight

No longer simply chasing achievement, consumers are embracing moments of downtime, pleasure and serendipity to gain a new perspective on life. In this section, we’ll reveal the emerging trends set to shape the future of consumption.

: Foresight

As tomorrow’s consumers adapt to a new equilibrium and pace of life, societies and brands will be reshaped to fit the desires that come with a slower, introspective and more joyful lifestyle.

: Q&A Session and Toolkits

To conclude, The Future Laboratory shares practical strategies to harness these trends, from overhauling the influencer industry with a force-for-good approach to championing human interaction as a future marker of aspiration.

: Introversion Immersion by Tim Fishlock

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The presentation can be tailored to suit a range of formats. Perhaps you are looking for ways to engage and motivate your team from the comfort of your own home? Our virtual presentations give you the tools to inspire your business from home. We can host a range of online sessions from live talks to participant Q&As, panels and virtual workshops. 

You can book this presentation separately, or as part of The Transformative Twenties macrotrend presentation collection, which also includes Post-purpose Brands and Enlightened States. Get in touch to find out more about our presentations.

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