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Food & Drink Futures Report:
Uprooted Diets

Changing the narrative on how we source food

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Food and drink have always been sources of comfort for consumers. But in 2019 they could become sources of anxiety as the intricacies of the food system become more public thanks to the machinations of Brexit. Our Food and Drink Futures Report will examine both the macro shifts around this looming uncertainty, as well as more micro, emerging food and drink trends that reflect changing consumer attitudes when it comes to health, convenience and provenance.

The report unpacks the key trends, consumer shifts and new products that are shaping appetites, and looks ahead at the exciting possibilities for the future. It will inspire your team to build strategies that provide a clear path to tangible results and keep your company ahead of the changing tides.

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What's inside the report

The report combines rising trends, consumer insights and key technological innovations, as well as best-in-class case studies.

Trends Rising

This report includes eight key microtrends that will dominate the world of food and drink in 2019. These include the rise of healthy convenience, an examination of consumers’ new love affair with moderation culture, grocery stores high-tech approach to delivery and why African flavours and ingredients like fonio and egusi could be soon become as familiar as quinoa.

Macrotrend: Uprooted Diets

With nationalist policies changing our access to goods, how will the global pantry be restocked in the coming years? Will the burgeoning local movement actually be able to scale? Will sense of place matter for alcohol brands anymore? Find out the answers in our examination of how global supply chains are changing in response to modern 21stcentury challenges.

Strategic Implications

The report concludes with our strategic implications, that unpack how to harness these trends and use them to future-proof your business.



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Will sense of place matter for alcohol brands any more?

How will you address the vulnerabilities of the food system in the future?

Can you break out of the silo as food and drink moves towards inclusivity, accessibility and community?

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Food & Drink Futures 2018 Report


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