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Fintech Futures Report

Discover how financial and banking tech will help brands engage with the spending habits of tomorrow’s consumers

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In recent times, the notion of money, what it signifies and the form that it takes have changed drastically. Conspicuous consumption has given way to purpose-driven spending and the distribution of wealth has shifted seismically. The digital economy is creating new opportunities – and challenges – for the financial services industry as brands seek to engage a new breed of consumer.

In this report we create a road map for brands to navigate this new world of uncertainty and possibility, where issues of trust come face to face with all that the digital economy has to offer. It is filled with key trends, case studies and consumer insight as well as the strategic implications you will need to remain one step ahead in our new global financial landscape.

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What's inside the report

This report combines key trends, market overviews, case studies and consumer insight, including:

Banking Futures

An analysis of how the banking sector will be transformed, fundamentally rethinking its products and services to meet the needs of a new breed of consumer with evolving financial priorities.

Investment Futures

As consumers’ attitudes to the value of money as a status symbol change, this report offers an in-depth look at how brands can help the wealthy to think about their finances in a much more holistic manner.

Payment Futures

In this new age of technology, the way that consumers spend money is being transformed. Convenience must also be supplemented by additional factors like security and purpose.

: Generational Money

Shining a light on the spending behaviour of four generations, from the cautiously minded Generation Z to the uncertain Baby Boomers.

: Emerging Money

An examination of the opportunities for brands across three emerging financial markets: Sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America and East Asia.

: Strategic Implications 

The tangible steps you need to ingrain these lessons in your organisation, from recognising the spending potential of women to owning the Millennials’ financial diet.




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Fintech Futures Report


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