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Fashion Futures Report:
Immaterial Fashion

New routes to engagement beyond the physical

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Clothing has always been grounded in the physical world. It is meant to be worn on the body, seen and touched. The fashion industry remains wedded to tactility and has been slow to embrace digital tools such as 3D rendering and AI. But the rate at which clothing is made is now glaringly unsustainable, as consumers question traditional ownership and the accumulation of goods.

Our new Fashion Futures Report highlights new routes to fashion brand engagement afforded by digitisation. It is packed with insights that can help your brand thrive in a future in which digital ephemera are increasingly enjoyed and valued.

Top: DEEP by The Fabricant and Amber Jae Slooten


What's inside the report

The report combines rising trends, consumer insights and key technological innovations, as well as best-in-class case studies.


Fast-fashion’s unsustainable cycle of consumption; a shift in the hegemony of fashion towards people at large; digital culture giving rise to a new relationship with ephemeral goods; algorithms determining what buyers want, rather than designers predicting trends; and increased creative possibilities as VR and AR tools become more accessible.


The made-to-order model being replaced with a production process that is purely digital; body mapping technologies helping customers find their perfect fit; increased collaboration between the fashion and gaming industries; the move to digitisation making people more aware of the clothing they already own; and garments created for online enjoyment only.

: Foresight

Machine learning used to create hyper-personalised clothing; Cloud-based garment-sharing and trading; and people accessing clothes digitally through the use of augmented layers and holograms.

: Lab Notes

The report includes practical strategies to harness the intelligence in your organisation, from reconsidering ownership to moving pre-production processes online.



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Fashion Futures 2018 Report


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 : Reebok Op.3D.Lite by Builders Club



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