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Beauty Futures Report:
Algorithmic Beauty

From the flawless face of Algorithmic Beauty to the niche and the natural

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It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But as beauty brands increasingly embed technology into their offering, the beholder is often a machine-learning algorithm. Judging appearances in objective terms, this feeds into a strong narrative of flawlessness and homogenisation, supported by the increasing medicalisation of beauty. At the same time, niche innovator brands are connecting with a contrasting consumer desire for natural, inclusive beauty.

Our new Beauty Futures Report is your guide to navigating the pitfalls and possibilities of a radically changing beauty landscape. Intelligent analysis reveals the relationships between technological innovations and shifting consumer attitudes to fuel strategies for success in the coming years. We explore the most pertinent microtrends rippling across categories, and delve into the macrotrend Algorithmic Beauty.

Top: #InYourOwnSkin by Missguided


What's inside the report

The report combines rising trends, consumer insights and key technological innovations, as well as an in-depth macrotrend, Algorithmic Beauty which includes:


The impact of selfie culture on beauty ideals and cosmetics procedures; the science of smart mirrors, devices and apps in the skincare and cosmetics buying process; the desire for prejuvenation as the demographic that cares about skin health and ageing gets younger; and consumer interest in injectables and transdermal Tweakments.


How aesthetic treatments are seen as part of a person’s regular upkeep; a new genre of skincare products designed to mimic dermatological and surgical results; doctors from outside fields launching medically supported skincare; high-tech devices making their way from the dermatologist’s consulting room into the bathroom cabinet; how our appearance is being judged by machines rather than people; and how AI is creating a personalised feedback loop between products and their efficacy.

: Foresight

Nanotech beauty driven by technological innovation; the face as a point of transaction with digital devices; and the backlash against the homogenisation of what is considered beautiful.

: Lab Notes

The report includes practical strategies to harness the intelligence in your organisation, from considering the potential of facial recognition technology to being a companion on your customers’ skincare journey.



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Beauty Futures 2018 Report


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