Strategic Foresight Reports

Our strategic foresight reports help you profit from the future by connecting you with the innovators, early adopters and bespoke research making it happen.

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All brand, product or service solutions start with three questions: What’s new? What’s next? How can we profit from these changes?

Our bespoke reports help you to do just that: to drive profitability and identify new sector opportunities. We do this by merging innovator and early adopter thinking with desk data, mobile consumer ethnography and our Futures 1,000 panel of experts to create bespoke, engaging, case study-rich reports that do the following:

: Spearhead PR
: Accelerate leadership thinking
: Drive marketing: Inform media campaigns
: Identify new consumer behaviours
: Kick-start innovation

You can explore our clients and Strategic Foresight Reports case studies below. Or if you already have a brief, get in touch with our team to find out how we can turn it into a Bespoke Report for you.



Our foresight clients come from many sectors – retail, fashion, finance, hospitality, food, drink, wellness, health – but all of them use our reports to do one thing: prepare for tomorrow ahead of their competitors.
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Case Study: Nespresso

Workplace Futures Report

Nespresso wanted a bespoke report that contextualised the launch of its fantastic Nespresso Momento B2B coffee machines. We suggested an approach that took on a bigger – and as Covid-19 has demonstrated – more profound and long-term challenge: the future of work itself.

The team at Nespresso agreed, and we used our Futures 1,000 panel, desk researchers, visual case study analysts and LS:N Global food, drink and hospitality insight hubs to develop a sharp, incisive, media-friendly report, event, expert panel and accompanying presentation for future delivery as a conference keynote.

The results speak for themselves: a fantastic media launch at The Future Laboratory’s Elder Street home that captured the essence of the future workplace; a media-friendly panel selected from our Futures 1,000 panel of global experts; an event film; a sharp, visually powerful presentation for international keynotes; and coverage in media outlets including The Irish Times, FMJ and This Week in FM.


Case Study: Mr & Mrs Smith

Modern Love Report

Mr & Mrs Smith wanted something raunchy to mark 20 years of delivering superlative and unrivalled romantic breaks globally. We suggested a bigger bed, but it suggested Romance 2030 style. A report, as co-founders James and Tamara Lohan put it, that was sure to get coverage in The New Yorker and Harper’s Bazaar.

It also wanted a report that could be used to generate content for its website, as well as to develop new marketing, brand and product initiatives. To do this, we worked with our Futures 1,000 panel, desk researchers in key cities, cultural navigators in key regions, Mr & Mrs Smith influencers, and LS:N Global’s travel, hospitality and luxury hubs.

The result? Coverage in The New Yorker magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, along with stories in The Peak and Net-a-Porter.

We also co-presented the report findings at press events in London and New York, and developed a keynote version of the report for co-founders James and Tamara to take on the road, or deliver virtually. So, all in all, a job superlatively done.

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Case Study: Genpact

Banking in the Age of Instinct Report

Genpact is a global professional services consultancy, with one eye on making the present better, and the other on helping its clients identify, manage and optimise future risk.  And it does this across a myriad of industries – from automotive, consumer goods and healthcare to energy, hospitality, life sciences, media and entertainment, industries that matter, in other words, and the ones that will inexorably change our collective futures.

But what are the futures of these sectors themselves? What are their trajectories, and the opportunities and innovations that we’ll find there?

That’s what the team at Genpact tasked us with, and that’s what our foresight team continues to work on – sharp, incisive downloads from the future that can be used to capture insight, generate content, devise opinions and thought-leadership videos that are incisive, but also inspiring, future-facing and key to supporting the consultancy’s intuitive banking agenda.


Case Study: Design Hotels

The Promadic Traveler Report

Design Hotels is a brand that crosses the divide between defining what true hospitality is and what it could become – even in the wake of Covid-19.

We delivered the notion of the experience economy to the global lifestyle market in 1995, and its team were already doing it. We coined the term Bleisure (business + leisure) in 2009 and as a group it was already living it. So, we were very thrilled indeed when it asked us to create a report, co-host an event, and help them identify and engage with the future traveller.

Six months on, our report on the The Promad (a traveller who is proactive, progressive, purposeful and impactive in a positive way) continues to make waves in the industry, and became the focus for issue 16 of the brand’s award-winning travel magazine, Directions.  It was also used to develop conference keynotes for Design Hotels Arena New Horizons event in Tbilisi, develop interactive workshops and ongoing strategic activity across all member hotels.

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Case Study: Afterpay

Meet Gen Z: Reshaping the Retail Landscape

Afterpay is a brand whose DNA began as distinctly Millennial. It wanted to look ahead to the next generation of consumers, and assess how their attitudes to finances differ from those of their older counterparts.

We discovered that Gen Z are turning away from credit, like Millennials did before them, and are looking for new ways to save, spend and shop. We spoke to early adopters, experts and cultural navigators in three markets – Afterpay’s native Australia, the US and the UK – to paint a portrait of this next generation.

As well as providing a long-form report for Afterpay, we transformed our insights further into a snack-sized downloadable report for the company to give to its retailers to use for their PR activities.

What could a Strategic Foresight Report look like?

We call them reports, which suggests print-only formats. And they can be delivered as such. But they also come as videos, podcasts, conference keynotes, animatics, micro-documentaries, webinars, panels or co-hosted presentations. But in all instances, they contain incisive desk research, impactive case studies, media-familiar experts, cogent cultural navigators, powerful infographics, and access to future thinking via our Futures 1,000 panel of experts, innovators, academics and early adopters.

Our research can be presented in various different formats, including:

: Print reports
: Online microsite
: Videos
: Micro documentaries
: Communities

: Presentations 

And more. Get in touch for more information.


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