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Instigate debate, challenge thinking and generate opportunities by booking The Future Laboratory’s world-class presenters to deliver an incisive presentation or workshop to uncover new areas for growth.

Our visually arresting multimedia presentations demonstrate exactly how future trends, markets and consumer thinking can be applied to your category – and your brand.

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Presentations Available

Our team have crafted a series of presentations covering topics such as the future of brand purpose, the new consumer, sustainability, the growing wellness market, and many more. Browse our selection of presentations below and choose which inspirational insights you want delivered directly to your company.

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Luxury & Hospitality Futures:
Liberation Luxury

Affluent consumers are challenging what it means to be wealthy, highlighting new values centred on curiosity, flexibility and discovery. Our new Luxury & Hospitality Futures in-house presentation uncovers the insights and rising trends to help you navigate the future of luxury. From the hotels of tomorrow to new advertising frontiers, we explore how brands are responding to a more liberated luxury consumer.

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Health & Wellness Futures:
Conscious Deceleration

The health and wellness sector has perpetuated a narrative of fitter, stronger and more zen, which, conversely, is leading to burnout. Consumers are calling on brands to stop feeding into our anxiety-laden culture and instead help them slow down and focus on what wellness really means to them. Our new in-house presentation uncovers the insights and rising trends to help you understand where the health and wellness sector is heading.

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Retail Futures:
Community Commerce

The retail sector is undergoing a paradigm shift as consumers look for more meaningful interactions with retailers. Many retailers have been slow to respond to these changes, missing valuable opportunities to thrive in this fast-changing landscape. Our new in-house presentation uncovers the insights and rising trends to help you navigate the future of retail.

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Macrotrend 2019:
Resilience Culture

Brands and institutions are powering the rise of a new Resilience Culture, challenging consumers to explore physical and mental extremes. Our new in-house presentation provides strategic tools to build resilience culture into your brand and equips you with the tools to thrive in this age of self-censorship, hyper-safe spaces and comfort zone culture.

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Macrotrend 2019:
Uncoupled Living

For centuries, society has been structured around the concept of the married couple, or coupling, while single people have been stigmatised and stereotyped. As marriage rates decline, more and more people are living alone and buying for one. Our new in-house presentation explains how this uncoupling of society will affect consumption.

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Macrotrend 2019:
Programmable Realities

The rise of reactive new materials and technologies means that future physical consumer touchpoints will no longer be set in stone… or any other solid matter. This digital layer is becoming seamlessly integrated into our lives. Our new in-house presentation offers an overview of these reactive new materials and technologies.

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Food and Drink Futures

Emerging food and drink trends reflect changing consumer attitudes to health, convenience and provenance. We’ve researched extensively the market shifts that will define this sector in the years ahead. Our new in-house presentation delivers all of the key insights from our Food & Drink Futures Forum 2018 at your own event or business.

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The Future of Wellbeing

What comes under the umbrella of ‘wellbeing’ is changing as the sector matures. Innovator brands are breaking out of the technology silo as health and wellness moves towards inclusivity, accessibility and community. This presentation shows how wellness and healthcare are converging to create a new, more robust eco-system, with customers in control of their own data.

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The Future of Brand Purpose

At a time when Silicon Valley is under pressure to be more accountable, this presentation uncovers how consumers’ moral values are changing their expectations of brands. Our presentation investigates how brands can become moral leaders in these turbulent times and foster a culture of ethical innovation.

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The Future of Gender

The old certainties of gender have fallen away. Men are embracing more diverse narratives around masculinity and women are pushing for more honest representation of their sex. This presentation considers how both masculinity and femininity are being reframed, and explains how brands can be a force for real change.

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The Future of Youth

Generation Z are showing up their forebears with their activist and conscious attitudes towards each other and to the world at large, and their fight against social injustices. This presentation focuses on the next generation of disruptors, examines the global future consumer by studying Generation Z, and introduces our latest youth macrotrend.

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Luxury and Hospitality Futures

As overt materialism falls out of favour among a new generation of wealthy consumers, the luxury market must find ways to transform elite experiences and products in order to resonate with this change in mindset. Our Luxury and Hospitality Futures in-house presentation highlights the innovators rising to this challenge, and examines the key trends set to shape the future of the sector.

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Health and Wellness Futures

The health and wellness sector is thriving. Innovators are cultivating an integrated health and wellness infrastructure that is putting consumers in control of their own data. However, customer trust is proving increasingly hard to win and maintain. Our new in-house presentation examines the market sifts and rising trends that will help you navigate the emerging opportunities and challenges in your sector.

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Retail Futures

It is now clear that e-commerce is not the enemy of bricks-and-mortar stores. However, the retail sector is undergoing a huge paradigm shift, fuelled by new technological possibilities and changing consumer expectations. Many retailers have been slow to respond to these changes. Our new in-house presentation helps you navigate this changing retail landscape by delivering the insights and key rising trends.

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New Masculinity

Our collective understanding of what it means to be a man is undergoing a radical shift. In the wake of the #metoo uprising of 2017, new and more nuanced versions of masculinity have been emerging that go beyond physical strength and dominance. Our new in-house presentation will inspire your team to become part of the solution to toxic masculinity and engage with new consumer attitudes.

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Morality Recoded

We have reached a period of moral reckoning. Having promised liberation, the internet has emerged as a tool for manipulation and subjugation, helping create a global empathy deficit. Our new in-house presentation examines how societal morals are being affected by the next stage of the Information Age, lighting the way ahead for innovators seeking to better align technology with ethics.

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Post-growth Society

We are entering a new era of considered consumption. As the environmental and social impact of non-stop economic growth becomes ever more apparent, there is a shift from materialistic purchases to meaningful transactions. Our new in-house presentation examines how we can measure growth in a way that is beneficial to ourselves as well as to our economies.

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Subconscious Commerce

Shopping is no longer a conscious pursuit, more a permanent state of being. Consumers’ desire for hyper-convenience and business’s ability to use our data means the traditional rules of engagement no longer apply. Our new in-house presentation will help businesses face the challenges of a post-shelf, post-packaging world and get closer to customers through unexpected retail opportunities.

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The Moral Uprising

In an age of ‘move fast, break things’ there is a realisation that innovation is causing as many problems as it seeks to address. Society’s very concept of morality is undergoing a paradigm shift. Our new in-house presentation will help you navigate the change from materialistic purchases to meaningful transactions and build a much-needed new moral code.

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Placemaking Strategic Services

In an era of growing man-made pressure on our natural and built environments, our relationship with the places where we work, live, shop and play are changing radically and fast. Our strategic foresight team and placemaking specialists can help you to chart a path to future success as new and unexpected competitors enter your professional arena.

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Food and Drink Futures

As the global shift towards health and wellness turns more consumers on to provenance and processes, we are entering a new age of Educated Eating. Our Food and Drink Futures in-house presentation is designed to connect your team to the key trends that are shaping the sector and deliver strategic foresight on how best to apply it.

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Sustainability Futures

Too many businesses have seen sustainability as a nagging conscience, to be addressed with box-ticking exercises in corporate responsibility. This approach is not enough for the next generation of conscious consumers and represents a lost opportunity. Our new Sustainability Futures in-house presentation shows you how environmentalism can be a powerful driver of innovation and growth.

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Global Futures Forum 2017

From a breakdown of rigid hierarchies to the rise of collectivism and a shift in placemaking beyond the physical realm, change will be the only constant as we head towards the 2020s. Our Global Futures Forum 2017 in-house presentation is an in-depth exploration of the consumer mindsets, workplace attitudes and brand experiences that will define the coming decade.

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Brand Internal Culture 2020

As culture evolves at an increasingly rapid pace, brands must ensure that their internal work culture reflects wider societal shifts. Our Brand Internal Culture 2020 in-house presentation is an insightful examination of the rising trends that companies can harness to reframe their working practices in the next decade.

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Luxury & Hospitality Futures:
Liberation Luxury

As we head towards the 2020s, the rapid pace of technological, demographic and environmental change is driving a global existential crisis. Our in-house presentation reveals the behaviour patterns that will change the industry and is designed to enable brands to build successful brand strategies to navigate the consumer landscape of the next decade.

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Experience 2020

Co-opted by marketers, experience has become a buzzword that is overused, misunderstood and has become devoid of value. With audiences uninterested in advertising and failing to engage with branded content, experience brings hope to brands in terms of connection. Our in-house presentation is designed to help your team take advantage of the rich opportunities for experiential engagement in the next decade.

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Fashion Futures

From poor working practices to the painfully slow adoption of AI, the fashion industry is reaching a tipping point. Brands in the sector will increasingly need to look beyond its boundaries to inspire meaningful and memorable change. Our in-house Fashion Futures presentation explores these topics in detail to better understand the issues that are keeping fashion CEOs up at night and the strategic foresight needed to manage them.

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Anti-pollution Futures

With urban city centres increasingly enveloped in clouds of harmful smog, air pollution is a key concern for consumers around the world. There is an urgent need for brands to develop new products and services that will tackle this growing health crisis. Our in-house Anti-pollution Futures presentation features pertinent market insights and the strategic foresight necessary to apply them.

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The Future of Service

Today’s always-on customers demand seamless service, but the gap between their expectations and retailers’ responses is widening. As interactions become faster and shallower, brand loyalty is increasingly hard-won. Our Future of Service in-house presentation will equip your team with the strategic tools to build enhanced, future-proof service offers that turn customers into life-long brand partners.

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Female Futures Forum

Female Futures is an in-depth look at the current landscape of female entrepreneurialism and highlights an emerging attitude driven by members of Generation Z wanting a better reflection of their inclusive reality. Our in-house presentation examines the concepts of power and diversity among entrepreneurs to encourage you to formulate the strategies your business needs to apply in order to remain fit for the future.

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Bespoke Presentations

Are you looking for a bespoke presentation or workshop? Our dynamic and inspiring presentations enable you to experience our foresight and future trends through the lens of your own business

Combining data analysis, desk research and expert insights based on the futures subject of your choice, we can create bespoke presentations or tailor our futures presentations to suit the needs of your business. 

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Our experts in London and Asia-Pacific have travelled the globe, presenting to more than 400 leading organisations. From the worlds of design, marketing, strategy, innovation, consumer research and beyond, find out what our key clients thought of our futures presentations.

‘Your presentation messages reverberated through the day and into the evening during our Leaders Summit in Lisbon. Thank you again for a thought-provoking presentation.’

Brenda Fiala, global vice-president of strategy, insights and analytics


‘The Future Laboratory’s presentation did exactly what we wanted it to – give a glimpse of even further ahead, in a compelling and engaging way, to prepare for what brands need next.’

Vice-president of Marketing, Condé Nast


‘Our Beauty Futures project really paid off and everyone is very happy with the output. Looking forward to future work.’

Tom Vince, vice-president,
CMI Innovation Team

‘Futures presentations delivered by one of our portfolio of acclaimed presenters give you and your teams a unique opportunity to have world-class trends and consumer insights delivered to suit the requirements of your workshop, away-day or planning session. An unmissable way to kick off any event’
Chris Sanderson, co-founder, The Future Laboratory


Our team of researchers, analysts, strategists and editors are available to deliver presentations in a number of formats. From inspirational company keynotes to expert panels, thought-leadership events, training programmes and workshops – find out more about our world-class speakers below.

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Rachael Stott
senior creative researcher

Rachael is responsible for leading research to identify and visually communicate global cultural trends across the lifestyle sectors, inspiring our clients to prepare for the future. As our fashion and retail expert, she speaks regularly at our events, and has worked on projects for clients such as Adidas and the British Fashion Council.

Jessica Smith
senior creative researcher

Jessica oversees LS:N Global’s visual identity, and is our resident health and wellness and beauty expert. She was previously a marketing executive at Telegraph Events, where she worked on health and fitness consumer shows such as Be:Fit. She has spoken at a range of events, including the Global Wellness Summit, Balance Festival and The Future Laboratory’s in-house Futures Forums.

Barry Mowszowski
strategy director Asia-Pacific

Barry has worked with The Future Laboratory since 2015 to deliver strategic foresight to clients across global markets. He has worked with a range of clients to use strategic trends to navigate category futures, driving outcomes for institutions around the world. As an experienced industry speaker, Barry has presented at Apple, Creative Sydney, Westpac leadership forums and Vivid, among others.

Alekandra Szymanska
art director

Aleksandra leads the creative team at The Future Laboratory, translating insights into immersive experiences online and offline, and bringing speculative visions of the future to life. She is an expert in developing far future scenarios that illustrate the long-term implications of today’s trends. Since joining The Future Laboratory in 2014, she has worked with brands including UBS, Diageo and Google.

Kathryn Bishop
deputy foresight editor

Kathryn joined The Future Laboratory in 2016, and is deputy editor of LS:N Global. Specialising in luxury, she also works on its fashion content and leads commissioning internal and external articles. She has previously written for publications including Adorn Insight, VO+, Retail Jeweller, Professional Jeweller and CityAM.

Tom Savigar
senior partner

Tom has guided many of The Future Laboratory’s clients through some of the most challenging market shifts and global recessions of the past 10 years. With a much-expanded team, and offices in the UK and Australia, he continues to do this, working with clients as diverse as Absolut, Cadillac, Lamborghini, HSBC, Courvoisier, UBS, BMW, British Gas and Marks & Spencer.

Chris Sanderson

Chris is responsible for delivering the company’s global roster of conferences, media events and LS:N Global Trend Briefings, which he co-presents with the team in major cities around the world. Clients who have booked his inspirational keynotes include Gucci Group, the European Travel Commission, Retail Week, Chanel, Harrods, Aldo and H&M.

Martin Raymond

Martin is editor-in-chief of Viewpoint magazine as well as LS:N Global, the online lifestyle news and consumer insight portal. Having written several books on trend forecasting, including The Trend Forecaster’s Handbook and The Tomorrow People, Martin contributes regularly as an expert on trends and business for the BBC, Channel 4 and ITV.

Rhiannon McGregor
senior foresight writer

Rhiannon specialises in researching consumer insight and writing trends across the site’s lifestyle sectors. Since starting at The Future Laboratory in 2016, she has worked on projects with brands including Vans, NatWest, Unum and QIC. She is often interviewed by major media outlets as an expert in health and wellness, youth culture, travel and the rapidly growing fintech sector.

Holly Friend
foresight writer

Holly joined LS:N Global in late 2016 and writes across the website, including the daily Need to Know. As well as working with brands such as Vans, Spotify and Lacoste, she’s the go-to expert on emerging consumer trends in Youth and Travel & Hospitality, and is always looking for what’s next in the entertainment industry.


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