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Looking to create disruptive thought-leadership that will cut through the noise and establish your business as the authority in a particular field, sector or product category?

Create compelling and newsworthy content that will capture the attention of your target audience with our commissioned thought-leadership reports – a service that will raise your brand awareness, help you secure top-tier press coverage and position your business uniquely in the competitive landscape. 

Our commissioned thought-leadership will help you to:

: Create engaging content that attracts and retains audiences 
: Spearhead PR campaigns 
: Generate leads, expand your database and drive sales 
: Secure top-tier press coverage 
: Establish your business as a viewpoint leader and an authority 
: Position your brand uniquely versus the competition 
: Attract and engage investors or business partners

Whether you’re looking to generate media interest or capture the attention of key business prospects and investors in a B2B setting, contact us here.  





Why partner with The Future Laboratory?

As one of the world’s most renowned trend and futures consultancies, we’ve worked hard to build reputational capital over the past 20 years – capital that you can use by launching your report in partnership with The Future Laboratory. 

Not only that, you’ll never start from scratch when you partner with us on a report. At the start of any project, we prioritise getting to know you, your business, your target audience and your views on the topic at hand. 

We then use our extensive database of trends intelligence, qualitative insights and quantitative data sets to co-create unique and truly ownable content angles or themes that will form the foundations of your report. 

Depending on the brief, we then use a mix of desk research, expert interviews and quantitative studies to underpin and validate the findings in the report – a collaborative process full of rigour and incisive research to ensure your report gets the traction you set out to achieve at the start. 


Brands we’ve worked with

Trusted by world-leading businesses that are transforming their brand awareness and positioning via our unique content and foresight partnerships. 



Activating your thought-leadership report

We call them reports, which suggests a print-only format – and they can be delivered as such. But, more often than not, our thought-leadership reports now get a dedicated microsite or content hub on which to live.  

In addition, to help your campaign stand out from the competition, these reports or microsites can also be accompanied by videos, podcasts, conference keynotes, creative activations, webinars, panel discussions or press events.  


Case Studies


Landsec: Shaping Successful Future Cities

To guide and inspire future cities, Landsec commissioned The Future Laboratory to explore how our urban spaces could change and develop over the next decade, resulting in a highly directional report focused on optimistic outcomes. 

As well as identifying new principles of urbanisation, our report mapped out four possible future scenarios for cities – from worst to best-case – and unpacked their key characteristics and strategic implications. 

Combining expert perspectives and our foresight methodology, we were able to help Landsec reach an understanding of what makes a successful – and unsuccessful – city, preparing it to anticipate and contribute to the forthcoming changes.


JCDecaux: Gen Z – The IRL Opportunity

JCDecaux enlisted The Future Laboratory to provide deeper insight into Generation Z and the power of Out-of-Home advertising. When it comes to traditional broadcast mediums, Gen Z are typically elusive. But our research uncovered how Out-of-Home can meaningfully capture their attention and engage their creative minds. 

The work involved decoding Gen Z’s mindset to understand how they are reshaping the media landscape in Australia and beyond. Through expert interviews, data-driven insights and extensive research, the resulting report shed light on their behaviours and choices. 

This culminated in the creation of an engaging, media-focused report and interactive microsite. To round off the project, we also brought the findings to life further with an accompanying webinar presented by our founders. 


Bacardi: Cocktail Trends Report 2023

For the third report created as part of our ongoing partnership, Bacardi enlisted The Future Laboratory to produce an exciting forecast of drinks trends predicting the evolution of cocktail consumption and the spirits sector in 2023.

Using insights from Bacardi-led surveys with consumers and brand ambassadors, along with interviews with industry experts, bar and restaurant insiders and our own research, the report unveiled fresh directions and attitudes set to redefine the global drinks sector.

These bold new directions covered everything from digital innovation to shifts in sustainability. As well as generating abundant media attention for the brand, the results facilitated new levels of engagement between Bacardi and its customers. 


LUSH: Digital Engagement: A Social future

With a belief that tech should give more than it takes, Lush commissioned The Future Laboratory to create a bespoke foresight report, exploring what ethical tech will look like over the next decade and beyond, investigating the rapidly shifting digital landscape, its impact on consumers and existing barriers to digital transformation. We created a new manifesto for digital engagement, which can enable ethical innovation to be unleashed, and uncover the new solutions and spaces future-facing organizations can build. 

Our research was launched at SXSW in partnership with LUSH, where our futures director took part in a panel discussion to unpack the report and its findings.

On top of this, the report generated an abundance of press coverage, from the likes of Forbes, Raconteur and Beauty Matter.


Nespresso: Workplace Futures

Nespresso wanted a bespoke report that contextualised the launch of its fantastic Nespresso Momento coffee machines. We suggested an approach that took on a more profound and long-term challenge: the future of work itself.

The team at Nespresso agreed, and we used our Futures 1,000 panel, desk researchers, visual case study analysts and LS:N Global food, drink and hospitality specialists to develop a sharp, incisive, media-friendly report, event, expert panel and accompanying presentation.

The results speak for themselves: a fantastic media launch that captured the essence of the future workplace; a media-friendly panel of experts; an event film; a sharp, visually powerful presentation for international keynotes; and coverage in media outlets including The Irish Times, Raconteur and This Week in FM.


Mr & Mrs Smith: Modern Love Report

Mr & Mrs Smith wanted something raunchy to mark 20 years of delivering unrivalled romantic breaks globally. We suggested a bigger bed, but it suggested Romance 2030 Style – a report that could be used to generate content for its website, as well as to develop new marketing, brand and product initiatives.

To do this, we worked with our Futures 1,000 panel, desk researchers, cultural navigators in key regions, Mr & Mrs Smith influencers and LS:N Global specialists. The result? Coverage in The New Yorker magazine and Harper’s Bazaar, along with stories in The Peak and Net-a-Porter.

We also co-presented the report findings at press events in London and New York, and developed a keynote version of the report for co-founders James and Tamara Lohan to take on the road or deliver virtually. So, all in all, a job superlatively done.


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