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Case Studies
Beauty Pie commissioned The Future Laboratory to produce a new foresight report identifying the evolving attitudes to beauty, luxury and fairness, and the growing consumer instinct to be part of something bigger

Beauty Pie laid bare what products really cost to make versus what customers eventually paid for them. And with that came a wider conversation around whether the beauty industry – one that professes to want to empower (especially) women – was really taking advantage of them. Instead of cutting the consumer out, Beauty Pie cuts them in.

In this report, commissioned by Beauty Pie, we explore how this new era will unfold within the beauty industry. We examine and investigate new consumer shifts and industry macrotrends set to define beauty, including: 

: How discerning attitudes and community culture are affecting consumer mindsets

: The rise of ‘Beautility’, where product efficacy and meaningful engagement are favoured by consumers seeking to derive value and personal transformation from every touchpoint

: The embracing of radical fairness by the industry

Through this exploration, we uncover how the new generation of hyper-knowledgeable consumers is demanding more honesty, integrity and financial inclusivity from beauty brands, by questioning everything from the ingredients they use to the prices they charge.

Click below to download the resulting Beauty Futures 2025 report or scroll on to discover key take-outs and statistics for this new era.


You can also watch The Future Laboratory's co-founder Chris Sanderson and Beauty Pie founder Marcia Kilgore in conversation discussing the report - and what it means for the future of the industry and the wider beauty world.

Commissioned by:

11 October 2022

Author: The Future Laboratory


: Overview

Beauty Pie

Over the next few years, the beauty industry will undergo transformation as brands respond to a backdrop of global uncertainty, consumers embrace new mindsets and disruptors push the needle of the sector forward.

Within the beauty industry, myriad social, economic and cultural factors are combining to cause tensions but also to present opportunities for innovation. ‘At present, we have a convergence of hyper-savvy, hyper- knowledgeable consumers, confident about beauty purchases but also wary of economic pressures,’ says Marcia Kilgore, founder of DTC beauty buyers club Beauty Pie. ‘It’s a perfect storm, creating challenges that future-facing brands must strive to meet.’

These converging shifts are leading to the rise of the ‘Question Everything’ economy, as beauty brands are freshly tasked with catering to highly informed consumer expectations across every tenet of product and engagement offerings.

‘Promisingly, the beauty industry is usually buoyant
during an economic crisis, while at present the
industry is a real cauldron of tradition mixed with
future thinking, creating exciting, transformative
conditions for the years ahead.’ 

Millie Kendall,
founder and first CEO of the British Beauty Council.

: Beauty Drivers

Beauty Pie

To understand how the beauty industry will transform over the next few years, we must first explore the influential social, cultural and economic shifts happening today that are shaping the lives of beauty consumers.

How will brands find the right balance of logic and magic?

: Doubling Down On Quality In A Time Of Inflation - A growing group are doubling down on high-quality beauty and its relative affordability to provide respite at a time of crisis. 

: Discernment Mindsets - Trust fatigue and increased access to information have heightened consumer savviness and discernment, transforming expectations around beauty brands, product efficacy, sustainability claims and approaches to luxury.

: Community Culture - The pandemic and influencer saturation have accelerated the growth of community-led beauty, as consumers seek authenticity and emotional engagement with brands

Discover our Accredited Beauty macrotrend – a look at how as consumers seek proof points on product quality, efficacy and sustainability, scientific evidence will drive the healthification of the beauty industry.


‘Against the backdrop of a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, geopolitical unrest and an unrelenting climate crisis, the needs of beauty consumers are in flux’
Chris Sanderson, co-founder, The Future Laboratory

: Beauty Futures

Beauty Pie

By 2025, the three driving forces of Inflated Industry, Discernment Mindsets and Community Culture will have radically transformed the beauty industry.

Future-facing beauty brands will embrace innovation as they seek to deliver meaningful beauty products, services and experiences to customers who need, demand and expect more than ever – and those that don’t will be left behind.

In the report, we break this down into key macrotrends including: 

: Beautility Rising - Consumers will seek to derive value and personal transformation from every touchpoint, as a once- siloed sector presents a holistic definition of beauty and health intertwined.

: Beauty Recoded - Future-facing brands are ripping up the beauty business rule book to deliver meaningful beauty for all, embracing new, disruptive business models that are transforming the beauty landscape.

: The Fairness Equation - By 2025, fairness will be solidified in the beauty industry lexicon – welcoming a new era of openness, honesty and accountability around everything from pricing and product ingredients to supply chains and sustainability.

This is just a snippet of the Beauty Futures 2025 report. Click below to download the full report PDF.

‘Greater customer education around pricing and mark- ups can help break the strong assumption that price is cumulatively linked to quality. This shift would have a significant impact on notions of luxury, and brands savvy to it can prove positively disruptive.’
Benjamin Voyer, professor, ESCP Business School

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