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After two years of unprecedented turmoil, flux and uncertainty, Canon Europe commissioned The Future Laboratory to produce a new foresight report exploring what the next decade of filmmaking will look like

This once-in-a-generation disruption caused by the pandemic accelerated existing trends and brought new challenges to the industry. That is why Canon has partnered with The Future Laboratory to gain insights from the professional video industry to pull together a holistic report covering how the trajectory of the industry has changed and how we can get ahead of the game.

Dramatic change and pressures briefly defined the industry in recent years, and there are lasting impacts on ways of working, but new nimble creative filmmakers armed with the very best in new technology are well placed to drive a more diverse and thriving industry in the next 10 years and beyond.

Ryuhei Kamata, European Senior Product Marketing Manager at Canon Europe, said:

“The Future of Filmmaking report offers a holistic view of what the next decade looks like based on trends and the current trajectory of filmmaking. It’s an exciting time for the industry and we’re looking forward to how it evolves, focusing on how Canon can help support the needs of filmmakers – whether it be supporting virtual production or solo shooters with our pioneering products, or championing local stories and creativity.”

Combining expert interviews with consumer insight, The Future Laboratory identified and explored various topics for Canon, including the move to a digital-first approach, production distribution and consumption of content, and how a new influx of fresh talent looking for a more creative career will influence the industry.

Click below to discover the resulting 'The Future of Filmmaking' report, with key take-outs for this new era.


Commissioned by:

14 February 2023

Author: The Future Laboratory


: Overview

Canon Europe

The filmmaking industry sits at a crossroads of change. It is emerging from a period of stasis and survival, and the next decade will see the way we create film and media content transform, as makers come together to rebuild the system, bringing fresh attitudes and values with them.

Access to technology, collective influence and new structures are routing power away from time-honoured industry gatekeepers. These shifts are changing stories and content, how we consume them and who gets to tell and create them–for the better.

In this report, we identify four sets of Future Filmmakers and examine their values and priorities, as well as the tools and systems that are vital to their filmmaking needs. 

‘Storytelling and filmmaking, no matter the medium, are vital social and cultural signs. They are about filtering the world through a certain lens. There’s so much power in that, so it’s important to make sure it is disseminated equally.’ 

Liz Rosenthal, curator, Venice Biennale International Film Festival

: Industry in Focus

Canon Europe

As the filmmaking industry establishes a post-pandemic landscape, social, cultural and technological driving forces are ushering in a new dawn for how content is conceived, created and consumed.

Here, we explore some of those forces:

: Digital in Demand
Digital acceleration, spurred by the pandemic, has seen advanced technologies become a ubiquitous part of our day-to-day lives. It’s transformed how a wide range of industries operates and has changed the creation, production and consumption of content.

: Creative Class
Creatives are emerging from a period of employment uncertainty with fresh attitudes to work. According to WeTransfer, 61.6% of people who started new jobs in 2020 say they’re having more creative ideas than ever, while research from SignalFire reveals that more than 50m people around the world consider themselves content creators.

: Eco-collectivism
As concerns about coronavirus recede, the collective energy used to withstand the pandemic is being refocused to spark meaningful action against the climate emergency we all face.

Discover our Symbiotic Storytellers market – harnessing advancements in AI, data and decentralisation, film-makers are creating new relationships of exchange between audiences and creators.

‘Since 2020, things have exponentially blown up across every aspect of brand and business accountability. The industry must respond because of the awareness around the global issues that we’re facing – and it has to be top-down change, not just bottom up.’
Mia Powell, new brand director, Lammas Park

: Future Filmmakers

Canon Europe

Through our research, we have identified four future types of filmmaker emerging in response to a shifting landscape. Each is building a new future for the filmmaking industry and redefining its capabilities.

Through the lens of each type of filmmaker, the report explores their values and priorities, the tools and platforms they are embracing, and the movements they are inspiring as the industry builds back better:

: Empowered Creators
The industry is waking up to the cultural and commercial power of individual creators and solo shooters, setting new standards that ensure democratisation extends to access, education and beyond.

: New Tech Masters
Streamlined digital solutions are transforming the filmmaking industry by enabling productions to function better, for less.

: Symbiotic Storytellers
Harnessing advancements in AI, data and decentralisation, filmmakers are creating new relationships of exchange between audiences and creators.

: Conscious Collectives
The ethics of the filmmaking industry have been thrust sharply into focus, encouraging a new consumer cohort to prioritise collective and progressive movements towards industry betterment.

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‘There’s a potential for NFTs to evolve into digital copyrights for films – moving moving beyond the hype to fix real industry issues like ownership and the distribution of benefits.’
Sami Arpa, CEO and co-founder, Largo

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