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Let’s redefine the role of physical spaces to
achieve long-term success

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Our Placemaking programme enables developers to build for the long term. By defining what is culturally relevant to future communities, we can better use the ambitions of a developer and redefine the role of their physical spaces and assets to achieve better long-term engagement. 

An amalgamation of strategic foresight research tools, including our Cultural Navigators, provides clients with enriched and informed foresight and local insight. This is translated and integrated into retail and mix strategies, and placemaking masterplans that deliver cultural and commercial value in an increasingly uncertain landscape. We set a vision for clients so that they can align on a strategic approach to placemaking, and develop toolkitsto drive decision-making and actions now – and for the long-term – across development teams and business units. 

Are you ready to build a community-first and future-fit sense of place to ensure your approach remains relevant and resonates for generations to come? 

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Our Strategic Programmes

Our strategic programmes provide future-first strategic solutions for today’s brand or business challenges.

Creative Strategy and Design Toolkit

Our strategic creative and design services harness cultural change to help brands and businesses rise above fast-moving aesthetic trends, identify opportunities to disrupt and differentiate, and drive meaningful design that connects at a deeper level.

Brand Strategy Service

We offer future-first brand and communications strategy services that are designed to reframe and redirect brands to meet evolving audience needs and expectations in a fast-changing cultural and consumer landscape.

Innovation Strategy Consultancy

Our Innovation Strategy services are designed to deliver a roadmap in line with this acceleration. We turn foresight thinking into strategic innovations by proactively acknowledging the longer-term market changes that will help you to future-proof today.

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